Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Obviously, reflect on the holiday. Enjoy the beginning of summer and whatever it is you have planned for today. I hope everyone is having wonderful weather, and a relaxed day. Tomorrow it's back to work :-(.

So far it's been a great day. Spent the morning making the fruit salad and deviled eggs for the picnic at the BILs later this afternoon. The hubs went out to pick up the corn. I don't think he was gone long enough to shuck it, so we'll put the niece on that when we arrive. Yesterday I made the potato salad, so all that's left now is to get myself ready and get out of here. It is going to be quite the feast this afternoon (crabs, ribs, burgers, dogs, tenderloin....yes, my BIL is crazy).

Managed to qulit another row of blocks on Neptune this morning after I was done with my chores. It always helps to spend even a small bit of time on something creative. I was hoping to have finished it so I could sit on the deck today and sew binding, but alas, not in the cards.

Tomorrow's my birthday, so check back for the birthday giveaway. For a moment there, I was thinking of offering up the hubs, particularly when he asks me this morning what I want for my birthday tomorrow (and he happens to be playing softball tomorrow night). But he does have some redeeming qualities, so I think I'll keep him around a bit longer and giveaway something that won't cost quite so much to ship.

See 'ya tomorrow!

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