Sunday, May 16, 2010

How the Weekend's Been Treating Me

On Friday I found out there as a Bernina Guide class scheduled for dead center Saturday afternoon, so as you are all aware, while I would have much rather worked in my garden......I decided I couldn't miss this class, particularly since it's been cancelled the last couple times I'd been signed up for it.  This was the BSR class, and I've only been using mine for 6 months now, so I thought I REALLY needed to go. So, while it broke my heart to walk away from the gardening, I made the sacrifice for the class.

I'm glad I did. I keep forgetting that when you take a class at your Bernina dealer, they let you play with their feet. (Kinky, no?) I've got a list of feet that I'm thinking might work for couching, which is something I aspire to, so the instructor sent me and my list downstairs to the 'Wall o'Feet' to bring some back for a test drive. Now, if you're a dealer, and you don't do this....shame on you!. I left with both of the feet I tried out. Playing with them in class and seeing what they would do, I decided that I couldn't live with just one...I had to have them both! Great marketing strategy. I also placed an order for a bobbin case that I could use for thicker threads (Ricky Tim's Razzle Dazzle), in my upcoming education in 'thread play'.

Need I mention that I also left with the brochure about the new Janome Embellisher? But they also told me that Baby Lock now makes a 12-needle embellisher, so I'm thinking that this may wind up on my birthday wish list (which would be highly unlikely to expect as the birthday is in  2 weeks, and the hubs is convinced that I have become a hoarder of sewing paraphernalia (have I???)

Have you been entertained by the totally out of control garden photos? Hopefully, if you've been giving short shrift to your own yardwork, this will inspire you. Hoe down, before it's too late.
But, on the upside, had I weeded, I might have mistaken this hot mess for some random weed and yanked it. Rather than recognize it for what it appears to be...

WILD STRAWBERRY!!!!! Now, how that got there, I have no idea. Either the deer had the foresight to plant it to feed themselves through the summer, or they make red mulch from stawberries. Got me.

In anticpation of tomorrow's giveaway, and in helping to determine whether I am a sewing hoarder, I leave you with my scissor collection....

And now I've got to run as the grandpup was just tossed in on a drive-by, the hubs was dragged out to our daughter's boyfriend's basketball game, and I've been left to feed 3 rowdy, hungry pups, who are not happy as I had started to fill their bowls and left them out of reach on the counter. On top of that I've been recruited to barbecue chicken on the grill thatt the hubs has been planning and marinating all afternoon. (Sigh). At least he left me his margarita (and the cookbook open to trhe explicit instructions) (Phew!).

Check back later tonight for the giveway details.


  1. Your garden is lovely....

    Glad you liked the class.

  2. Wild strawberries, delicious (but they multiply like mad once you've got them, runners everywhere). When do you stop?

  3. Okay - you must tell which feet you bought!


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