Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Mother's Day Fairy Came Early

And she left 11 yards (22 half yard pieces) of dupioni silk on my doorstep today. A lovely assortment of colors that are going to turn into something fabulous (I hope).

Some is really smooth, some irridescent, some nubby. This should prove a worthwhile summer challenge.

Speaking of challenges, it's been officially decreed that the Indigo Challenge is on! Bring it baby!. Plan is for display in the 2012 Guild Quilt show. The Guild president looks at me and says 'you can handle 2 years, right?'. What, does she read my blog? I'll show her, I"ll start working on this puppy THIS YEAR. Bwah ha ha!!

There are 4 of us with indigo to work with. I've taken stock and I think I've got enough for more than one project. Most likely a quilt, but maybe also a jacket, or a bag. I found a neat blog today for inspiration...She Wears Shwe Shwe. And in so finding this blog I discovered that they make shwe shwe shoes (say that 3 times real fast!) that I must now hunt down and possess. Like these Bokki shoes from South Africa.

Oh, but wait, I also discovered that they make

Orange indigo (and red mixed with black, and blue with yellow, and brown with yellow....)

Silly me, and I thought I had all the South African indigo I'd ever need ;-)

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