Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Entry In The Bloggers Quilt Festival

This is my first convergence quilt. I've been enamored with Ricky Tims' theory of convergency since I first heard of it. I ordered the book, and while I awaited it's arrival I cut up a bunch of colored Post-It Notes and spent an hour arranging them on an hour-long car trip to Web Fabrics one afternoon. Not quite the result I had hoped for, I decided to give it another shot, which resulted in this:

Wall art for the studio, and another not-quite what Ricky meant by 'convergence'.

Anyway, I read my book, and I took a class at my LQS. The ladies in the shop were very patient with me, steering me to color choices that would work rather than meld together (my next convergence piece will be high contrast, trust me). The teacher was great, and I was very happy with the result.

So much so that I stepped outside my free-motion comfort zone and did a little outlining of a leaf print I used, and

then I went a little crazy and just started making up little leaf patterns of my own.

So, all in all, this wall quilt is one that I'm going to remember as one of my better lesson learned pieces. I picked up a little information about color, I was taught about careful cutting and piecing, and I realized that I could do way more than meander and spiral my quilts and they'd look okay.

I enjoyed meeting Ricky in Houston last fall, and I came home with his next lesson...the kool kaleidoscope. Who knows, maybe I'll get over the familiar trepidation with starting something unfamiliar and I'll be able show you my kaleidoscope next Bloggers Quilt Festival.

For now please use the Festival link in my sidebar on the left to jump to Amy's Creative Side for a list of all of the quilters participating. Lots of beautiful work and fun blog entries. Visiting all the participants will keep you amused for months. Enjoy!


  1. Your convergence quilt turned out great and so did you FM quilting. Can't wait to see the Kaleidoscope quilt this fall:p.

  2. I really like the wall art too!

  3. This is one of the few convergence quilts I've seen that I actually like. Maybe it's the more restful autumnal colors. Gives the opportunity to see the fabric AND the design more clearly (at least for me).

  4. I really like your quilts, you're being very adventurous and having a lot of fun too. Go girl!


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