Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A couple of May finishes

Been too busy to blog (actually, too lazy would be more honest). Mother's Day was lovely. The hubs took me to brunch at Firestones in Frederick. It was a bit of a blustery day, but we still walked around downtown and popped into a couple of gift shops that were open on Sunday. Then home to sew for the rest of the afternoon until dear daughter brought over dinner. It was nice having a day where I had no household responsibilities, though it was much too short.

Worked on sewing the binding on this in the car to and from brunch:

Once it's got a label sewn on the back, it's done!

 Moving on to other UFOs, I finished up one of the Downy Quilts for Kids projects this evening.

Yep, it's got a label too!

One more to sandwich and quilt and I can send them both back to Quilts for Kids.

Needing a fabric fix, I popped into Capital Quilts during lunch on Monday and picked up what I think will make a nice table quilt for my daughter's coffee table.

She wanted modern, turqouise, brown and beige. So it's sort of a Tiffany blue and brown for the top, and I'll use the more colorful fabric on the back.

I've really got to quit adding new projects to the pile and start working on some of the ones I've been planning for the past year. It's about time to dive into the Indigo, and of course I've also got a foot high stack of dupioni silk staring me down. I really need to win the lottery so I can retire and spend all day playing, instead of this working silliness.

I've read 6 Elm Creek quilt books in the past week and a half. Fortunately I've only got maybe 5 more in the series to go so that distraction should be out of the way soon. I come and go on reading. I'd generally rather be doing something in the studio until 2 a.m and not straining to read by a dim bedside lamp. Sigh. Hopefully it's just a phase, and I'll be over it soon.

I'm afraid I'm running out of excuses for why I haven't done any notable gardening. It is after Mother's Day now, so I can't use the frost thing. I went to let the dogs out last night and standing in the very middle of the mess that is only slightly recognizable as a garden because of the roses and peonies that are currently blooming/ready to pop, was the largest deer I have seen in a while. She just stood there and stared at me, as if I were disturbing her. Both dogs were totally clueless as to her presence (or they just didn't care).

I clapped my hands, I stamped my feet, I spoke sternly (but not loudly, as it was 1 a.m. and I didn't want to set the neighborhood dogs to barking). I was not about to go down the stairs and approach her, should she be of the mind that I was disturbing her and choose to chase me, rather than the other way around. Eventually, she calmly stepped out of the garden and wandered to the back of the yard where the rest of her smaller girlfriends were grazing, I suppose to wait for the crazy two legged human to go back in the house and shut off the outside light so they could continue feasting on whatever perennials were coming up in the big messy salad bowl I tend to call my garden.

I think that I'm going to have to adopt some discipline that I will now garden one day of the weekend and quilt the other...and gosh, gee, with only two days of the weekend and both spoken for, I guess the hubs is just going to have take over the cleaning :)  C'est la vie.

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  1. Hmm and if it rains at the weekend you'll have to quilt both days! Weekends should be weeks and vice versa!!


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