Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labors of Labor Day Weekend

I spent all day Saturday in the quilt studio and managed to put together a quick little 16-block tabletop quilt designed by the moderator of my quilt testing group. She calls it 'In A New York Minute'. I had a set of Christmas Gingerbread/Candy FQs that I had picked up at a show this summer so I just used those. Had enough left over to also start a table runner which I'll give to my daughter. At first I was futzing with it to use it as a backing for this, but then just hacked it up and laid it out in true patchwork form...2.5" squares. Didn't have backing or binding to finish either, but I've got some time for that.

On Sunday I finally got to work on my 18" wool table round in penny mat style. It was a chore enough cutting and fusing the wools together, but now I've got to blanket stitch each piece, add embroidery highlights and then attach all the leaves together with squiggly embroidered embellishment. I'm not a great hand embroiderer, so I'm sure this one will definitely fit the 'primitive' bill when it's complete.

No creative pursuits on Labor Day, unless you count a cookout for 21 that was not only burgers, dogs and chicken, but a bushel of crabs, lump crabcakes, shrimp, lobster, and raw oysters (seafood courtesy of my BIL) and all the requisite sides. Started at 2:00 and the last guest left around 7:00. I then spent another 2 hours picking the leftover crabs. My hands don't exactly feel like doing anything today other than trying to heal all their little cuts from the crab shells. Maybe I'll just wrap them around some of the leftover beers still in the cooler.

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  1. These are both gorgeous. I really would like to do the Autumn one. Lovely.


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