Saturday, September 19, 2009

And the winner is.......

The Aurora 440QEE plus the new, not yet out, Cutwork software package. Woo hoo!

For a minute I was coming home with an 820...6 EXTRA INCHES---seriously, who doesn't want 6 extra inches (of sewing space! get your minds out of the gutter, girls!) But while I'm not an embroiderer, at least not yet, once I found out about the cutwork capability, that cinched the deal and I had to have a machine with embroidery so I could add cutwork. Buh-bye to the 820. (And I'm saving my 830 purchase for when I win the lottery....seriously, you've got to have something to spend those mega-millions on.)

Sure the Artista 640 was nice, but I'd have to buy the BSR, a walking foot, a quarter inch foot, and the embroidery module. I asked Ron Sisto, as a quilter who might embroider, what machine should I buy and he said, hands down, the 440QEE (and he'd have made more money on the sale if I bought the 640, so I have to believe him).

Funny thing is that the one-day Bernina promotion that sent me out machine shopping to begin with is for OCTOBER 17. For some reason I thought today was the 17th and the promotion was today. Silly me! Oh no, horrors! I'm flying home from Houston on the 17th!

Not to worry, Ron wrote it up, opened the Bernina account and assured me that he will run it all through for me on the 17th. And by that time, the new Cutwork package will also be in (the machine also had to be ordered). I never expected to be bringing a new machine home today anyway, so all is good. If only I can get DH to drive up there to pick up the machine on the 17th :)

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