Monday, September 21, 2009

Farewell dear, dear friend. I shall miss you so.

Today is the last day of summer. Yesterday I went out and bought actual know, those things you have to wear socks with that totally cover your feet, make them all sweaty, and hurt for at least the first half dozen outings. Such a sad shopping trip, surely a mournful way of marking the passage of time.

These flip flops have racked up countless miles. (At least 50 of them in Hawaii this summer). They will go kicking and screaming to the back of the closet in a few days. Exiled, though by no choice of their own. Damn winter!!

Any-hoo....while I had the cellphone out thought I'd share a couple of office photos. This is where I spend my time three days a week, and here's my office-mate....

Why yes, he is life size (and he really likes it when I bring him back little things from my meetings).It's not the greatest photo...lots of glare from the little window behind me (my office is in an attic of a 100-year old house...lots of weird little walls, ceilings and windows).

And here's something I haven't played with for a long time....

paper mache! I was in a paper mache phase a while back. I should try that again.

Well, so much for my lunch hour. Must get back to work (and mourning Summer's demise. I think I'll dress in black tomorrow, I've got a lovely pair of black flip flops.)

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