Monday, September 28, 2009

The party's over......

...the hubs is home tonight. :)

If you're wondering where I've been, the answer is nowhere. The significant other left for Vegas last Wednesday, so I've been on my own and out of control for the past 5 days....well, I've been out of control if you consider tearing apart the basement to have a yard sale on Saturday outrageous, girls gone wild, entertainment. I was having such a good time with this that I totally forgot Project Runway was on Thursday night (fortunately it will repeat this week).

As yard sales go, it was okay. I find that if you go into a yard sale with the mentality that you are so unbelievably lucky that people are paying you to haul off your junk, you will never be disappointed.

For me, the major rule is if it hits the driveway it may never return to the basement (except in the case of the few hundred record albums and never want to just hand those off to Goodwill or Waste Management).

Not only did I get a good deal of my basement cleaned up, but I covered Paco's vet bill and had a little mad money leftover for a Yankee Candle run and a bag of tarts. Couldn't ask for more.

Now, we all know that while the cat's away, the mice will play, and play indeed, did I. After the yard sale I hit the Redbox and rented myself a couple of DVDs that the hubs would never allow in the house had he been here....Sunshine Cleaning and Hannah Montana. (I am a sucker for the Disney channel, though I've never seen the Jonas Brothers show).

While watching those, I quilted two of my sister's 5 (count 'em 5) table runners that she brought over a month's one of them:

It was a fall table runner, so I thought I'd freestyle some oak leaves all around. Hey, it's good practice, I'm just getting started at this, be kind. And, in case you aren't a quilter, this photo is the back of it, you can't see the stitching on the front as well.

I'd better shake a tail feather. It's almost 7 and I've got to leave here at 11 to pick him up at BWI at midnight. I know, I'd say he owes me, but I think we can let it slide considering the sewing machine and a little shopping excursion he did for me in Vegas (I'll post about that tomorrow). I've got a quilt class tomorrow (Convergence quilt) so I need to get everything packed up as I don't expect I'll be in bed tonight until 2 a.m. and I most definitely don't foresee any leisurely morning time tomorrow before I need to leave for class.

Check back tomorrow for photos of what 'the man behind the quilts' (I've decided to call him that because he's the one holding up all the quilts I photograph) brought back from Vegas for moi.

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