Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My first convergence (kind of like a first communion, only without the white dress)

Wah-lah! Not only my first convergence quilt, but my first foray into the fabulosity of batiks. I am hooked. So many fabric choices, so little money (heh heh).

I took a class yesterday morning when I was having trouble grasping the concepts in Ricky Tims' book. Well, actually it was more like I was too lazy to read the book and it was easier to have someone show me the mechanics of this.

I've not got the contrast/pop/in your face effect I was striving for. My fabrics are just too well coordinated. So I had some of the two greens left over and on my way out of the quilt shop I picked up a couple startling contrast pieces that may give me what I want. As soon as I finish this one--inner border, outer border, back, quilt and bind--hopefully all accomplished tonight (in my dreams), I'll do it all over. I consider this an experiment/assignment/homework--this way I can make the same thing again and not feel wonky doing it.

And today we grieve the demise of the flip flops of last week. Poor planning meant that the only clean jeans in my drawer this morning were a pair of really long ones requiring heels. I sucked it up, put on socks and unboxed the ceremonial new first pair of Fall shoes. Eight hours later, this is where they lie, and honestly, I could care less if Bailey carts them off under the bed and pretends they're fine Italian rawhide. :)
Hurry summer! (or trip to Florida)


  1. Love that quilt, love those batiks :)

  2. You did wonderful! My first convergence was a failure. You've inspired me to try again!

  3. Linda, just follow the first exercise in the book. You can't miss, but if you need help, email me, I'd be glad to 'talk you through it'.


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