Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's not quilting..but we can call it 'paper applique'

I spent today at a 'Freemotion Without Fear' workshop. Enlightening. Not as I expected though. I came with all sorts of threads and needles thinking we'd pick up some artsy technique, but as it were only one spool of rayon thread and an embroidery needle ever made it to the table. It was a great day of practice and the instructor had some lovely art quilts to show, so not a total waste of a day I would have better spent working on my sister's table runners.

When I got home I had to do a craft for a Sunday craft-along I promote on a Yahoo group I'm a member of. This is what I finished:

Design Star finale is on in 15 minutes and I need to unpack all my sewing gear I hauled to the workshop today. If my sister's reading this, not to worry, I've learned new skills today that I'll apply to your table runners. Got the Guild meeting tomorrow, but I'll finish them up for you by the weekend.

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