Friday, April 2, 2010

Newsworthy Quilting Update

At the the bottom of the page I've added a video you will enjoy.

And please take a minute to read the full story from the Wall Street Journal:

It's been a good day, took off most of it to take advantage of the early Summer weather. Did a bit of weeding, a bit of mulching. Looking good.

One moment of panic though. When I decided that I had had enough (4 hours is about my limit for outdoor projects--and that's on a good day!) and was checking out my arms to see if I got an early start on my tan (aka freckling), I was horrified when I took off my garden gloves exposing lily white hands and wrists, while the forearms were bright red. Egads!!!!!! Now we've all heard of 'farmer's tans', but 'glove lines'????? However was I going to camouflage this?

Thankfully when I got inside it all washed off (I'd been spreading red mulch). Phew!!!!!

Maybe photos tomorrow. I've got about one more glass of Merlot in me and then it's off to bed for what is going to be a very sound sleep.

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