Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quilts for Kids

Tonight I finished my Downy Quilts for Kids quilt top. All I need to do is sandwich, quilt, wash and ship it back. This is a great program. They will send you the precut fabric for the quilt top, backing and clear instructions. All you have to do is stitch it up, provide the batting, quilt it, wash it, and pay the return shipping. They even send a label.

The fabric was colorful, a quick two-hours to knock out the top. If you'd like to donate a day and make a quilt, go to http://www.quiltsforkids.org/patterns/request/ to request a kit to make a quilt.

Before I started this I made 7 neonatal quilts for the Guild. Still need to quilt those, figure I'll just do all my machine quilting in one stretch. Get the piecing out of the way now. All that's left is a child-size quilt to bind and I'll get back on my own projects (and maybe the baby shower quilt (or maybe not).

It was a thousand degrees here today (okay, 94, but it certainly felt like a thousand degrees...thank goodness for the ceiling fan in the studio this evening). Of course, after the winter we've had, it can stay 94 degrees from now through September, I'm not complaining. It's just a little early for summer. I've still got a pair of brushed corduroy pants I bought at Coldwater Creek back in December that haven't been hemmed yet. (Okay, so I suppose I should just kiss that off)


  1. I realize you have an IMPOSSIBLY busy schedule, but I do wish you would find more time for your blog posts. I quilt vicariously through your adventures, and crave more of them! :)

  2. (In best Ah-nold voice) "Ah'll be bach!" I'm sure the upcoming quilt show will provide some good reading material. For you, I shall strive to wrap up the charity quilts (and the income taxes) before the weekend, then we'll be back to some serious 'me' time. Hang in there.

  3. Hanging!! :) (and hoping you inspire me to actually work on MY quilting projects instead of just reading about yours! LOL!)


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