Sunday, April 25, 2010

Guild Quilt Show Over, Back to Normal

Spent the day (and more money at the show). Came home with a second round of Superior thread, including Ricky Timm's Razzle for couching. Got some dog fabric to make the dogs a, before you ask 'is she out of her mind', let me tell you that we've got a sofa in our living room (aka my future long-arm studio) that not even the Salvation Army would take. Not quite standard slipcover shape, the one I bought split, not to mention it's a huge ironing project when it's washed, so it's been sitting in a ball in the guestroom closet since it's last launder. For now I've strategically placed a decorative pillow on top of the cushion with the huge dog nail slash down the center of it. It's time to start looking for it's replacement, and a snazzy little dog quilt will be way better than Scotchguard.

How about this:

Brown and red indigo (what's up; with red and brown indigo, isn't indigo blue?)

But, it's actual South African indigo from deGama

I won a ribbon for my challenge quilt:

ha ha ha!

They put ribbons on all the quilts that participated. I feel like a winner because it wasn't a 'great effort' ribbon. Slight disappointment though, on getting my award-winning quilt home, I find that it's too big to use on top of the dryer, Somewhere there's a table screaming for this quilt. Maybe we'll find it--in Latvia, or Warsaw.

I think I found a great pattern for my indigo collection, so I picked it up. And I also picked up a couple of McKenna Ryan projects...Harmony and Peace.Someday I'll get to them. They're very Zen, so I'll need to be in the mood.

Almost in the mood now, from the looks of the sewing table, but I've got to finish up the baby quilt. Roses courtesy of my friend Anna, champagne left over from our dinner last night.

Now I've got to figure out where to hang a couple quilty watercolors I couldn't resist--running out of studio wall space for the moment. Then I need to finish pinning the baby quilt, and I'm thinking about taking a little creative (paint) license to my new (ugly) thread stand.

Okay, industrial strength...yes. Overkill...totally. Ugly....without a doubt. But it only cost $12, as opposed to the really cute sculptural one with the leaves that sells for $40. We'll just have to see if we can make it a little more presentable.

Watch this space to see if it becomes a work of art.

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