Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Yellow Brick Roadblock

We press.
We carefully measure and cut.
We count

We stitch perfect quarter inch seams.
And once again, in the end, we wind up with too few of some strips and too many of one strip set. I've made this super fast quilt three times now, and managed to do this twice. In fact the last time I named the quilt 'Detour on the Yellow Brick Road'.

Of course, it can always be salvaged, it's just not exactly like the pattern, it's got a 'special' block that isn't in the pattern.  Can you tell which one it is?

Not the best lighting in the studio tonight, but you get the idea....I've actually been working for the past two nights on the baby shower quilt.

And what have I learned? Do not use obvious stripes and plaids in a quilt unless you are going to take the same care cutting and lining them up as you would in garment construction. Fortunately this is for a baby and he/she won't notice.

All that's left are borders and backing (no batting in a flannel baby quilt) and a quick machine's small enough that I shoiuld have this done by the weekend (ha ha ha) ... okay, in time for the baby shower on May 1st.

While I would have loved to provide you a witty post tonight, it's almost one a.m. and I seriously need to go to bed. These 2:30 a.m. bedtimes on worknights make for cranky, unfocused afternoons at the office. G'night!

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