Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

A lovely Easter to all. Hope you are all enjoying beautiful Spring weather. We don't have to be anywhere until 3:00, and it's an easy appetizer to be made to take with, and load the white chocolate truffle cake we picked up at the bakery into the car with the requisite libations, so I'm pretty much free for a stretch.

Finished up EVERYTHING for the quilt show pieces last night (labels, sleeves, bindings). Have got my first April OPAM finish....

I call this 'Bloomin' Baltimore - a quick trip around the Baltimore block.' This is the Guild challenge quilt for this year's show, and likely to be the only non-art quilt challenge. Admittedly, I've got a long way to go on the art quilt front, so this will have to do.

Click on this to see the tiny stippling I went back and added to the center block yesterday.

Speaking of yesterday, the neurotic beagle seemed to think that because the windows were open and the blinds would gently rustle in the breeze, that there was a storm of dire proportion on it's way. This is where he spent his the chihuahua's bed under the sewing table, hyperventilating hot, stinky dog breath on my legs. Note to self....find source of tranquilizers and appropriate dosage for him before we actually do have our first thunderstorm.

Eventually I couldn't take it anymore so I headed downstairs to the office computer to make and print out some quilt labels (so Beagle Bailey here could instead attempt to paw his way through the carpet in the corner next to my desk chair to some imagined safe haven from the nonexistent impending doom of a lovely Spring day). 

Here's the quilt labels I made. I was lazy and just used label templates off the Internet and borders out of MS Word.

As I said,  I've got some free time, so before it gets away from me I'm going to tidy up the studio and spend some quality time with my workbook and EQ 6 software. May as well learn how to use 6 since I just saw in a quilt magazine this morning that 7 is soon to be released (figures!).

I'd love to design a quick table quilt for the Vera's Garden fabric I picked up a few months back. Of course, in addition to playing EQ6 school, I've also got pillowcases/charity quilts/Bernina class next Saturday/quilt show volunteering/Neptune/Kiwi Jubilee/baby quilt/learn to embroider all on my plate for this month. (groan!...oops, forgot income taxes....MAJOR YIKES!)

Sounds like I need to hop on down to the kitchen and refill my coffee cup.

Again, enjoy this beautiful Easter Sunday, and I hope you get to spend quality time with people and things you love today.

Also, if you get a chance, check out the winners and best entries in this year's Washington Post Peeps diorama competition. Fantabulously amusing.

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  1. I love your blocks..

    Do you have a program for your labels?


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