Friday, June 14, 2013

Short and Sweet

Not a lot of progress today. Instead of the patriotic table runner projects I flitted back to the Christmas applique project and finished the last small block that I was behind with. Hopefully I'll get the 3 pieced blocks done this weekend. I will say, that this one is my favorite of the applique blocks so far.

Tomorrow I need to put in some quality house cleaning time (I need the exercise) before and after the 'day job'. No fun Friday for me.
But, all is not lost, as come Saturday, I'll be heading out to the Annapolis Quilt Guild's annual show, and we're going to take the opportunity of being 'an hour off in that direction' to shop hop a few of the shops out that way that we never seem to get to. The last time we headed out that way was when I first started quilting in 2009. Looking forward to revisiting those shops (if we can remember how to find them--as if that would ever be a problem--wink).
Did I mention that this guild has a fabulous raffle quilt ? (fingers crossed).

If I play my cards right, get up when the alarm first goes off and skip reading the morning paper, I should be able to knock out all of the housecleaning tomorrow freeing up the weekend for all things quilty. Heck, I might even get in a little quality time with the sewing machine tomorrow night.
Sunday, the daughter is taking Daddy to lunch and a movie, so I'll definitely be taking advantage of the opportunity to fly solo in the studio.
Hope you're planning something fun for your weekend as well. 

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