Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Prepping, finishing, multitasking

Over the weekend, my good intentions for marathon quilting gravitated more toward 'part of one day' quilting.

Between Saturday night and Sunday morning I was able to sandwich and pin the two table runners and a table quilt. I busted on the mystery quilt when I went to lay out the backing and realized that it was still 'off the bolt' and hadn't been pieced together, and as I had the sewing machine all geared up for quilting, that one went back in the 'to do' pile.

On Sunday afternoon I managed to spend 2 hours each quilting those 4th of July table runners. Pulled out some stock Wrights binding (can you say LAZY?) and got that sewn to each. Then the daughter came home to pick up the Grandpup, followed by the hubs, who was returning from a 4-day softball tournament, and that killed any hope of finishing.

On Monday I attempted to speed things along and MACHINE STITCH that binding down. Ooops....bad idea. I probably spent as much time as it would have taken to hand stitch it ripping it out. I've done this before...you would think I had learned my lesson. (Apparently not). So now I've got to find some time to hand stitch about 30 feet of binding down by the weekend so I can get these on their respective tables in time for the 4th.

Got up early this morning to prep some more for the Aiming for Accuracy Quilt-Along project. I started out identifying the colors I wanted to use and where and marked them on a layout grid of the quilt.

Once I had identified so many turquoise, orange, yellow, pink and green areas I started pulling what looked like it might be compatible from the Kaffe stash (aka 'hoard')
I narrowed it down to 20 different prints, three of which are not Kaffe (I know, it KILLS me, but I didn't have enough turquoise/green Kaffe selections so I had to improvise....it will be ours (and Kaffe's) dirty little secret.
And late yesterday afternoon, during the hellacious thunderstorm, I unplugged the sewing machine and the laptop and took a few minutes to cut and bag and tag the black background fabric for this project.  The first block will be posted online Friday, so that gives me a couple nights to bind and maybe play catch up piecing the Christmas quilt. (though I suspect that there may be another applique block posted .... let me run and check.....phew, no, I'm still just 3 blocks behind. :)

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  1. Looking at your fabrics, this is going to be a lovely, happy quilt.


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