Friday, June 21, 2013

Indecision or Procrastination.... Whch Is The Lesser of Two Evils?

Do I pull out the folding table and sandwich the 4th of July table runners?

Or maybe I relocate this basket to the cutting table and start cutting the pieces to make the crooked cross quilt?

On the one hand, the 4th of July is only 12 days away.


But on the other hand, these modern fabrics from the Comma line are calling to me, and I so love starting fresh projects...a new project is just like the first day of're all bright eyed and bushy tailed, anxious to take on the challenge, but then by the time you get about half way through you're checking off the days on a calendar in your locker until it's over with...sigh.

Okay, so maybe I should think about sandwiching and quilting that mystery quilt from last summer. I mean I am scheduled to be taking a class 3 weeks from today  with the woman who designed this mystery. Might be nice to bring in for a little show and tell Or maybe, I'll skip the' tell' one needs to know that this was finished in a couple of afternoons and has been left untouched for the past year.  Yeah, TMI for S&T.

Anyway, it wouldn't be fair to push that project in front of this drunkard's path table quilt I finished piecing last Spring. Poor thing has been hanging over the upstairs banister since Spring 2012. (Do UFOs have an expiration date? They should...maybe then I'd be as aggressive about finishing things as I am about cleaning out the fridge and the pantry.)

Well, considering that the machine is now set up for quilting, I think maybe it's best to haul the folding sandwich table up from the basement.

And since it looks like we've got a variegated blue thread loaded up, it looks like the 4th of July table runners are first in line.

Which is probably for the best since it appears that Lucky Cutting Table Kitty is waving us off from his domain. ("Ah Missy, very bad luck to cut new modern quilt when you yet to finish what you start one dynasty ago!")

Good old Tucker is no help at all. He doesn't care what we do as long as it doesn't require his involvement.....'Wake me up when you need me to come downstairs and sleep under the sandwich table --and while you're at it, a sandwich would be nice too...see if they've still got that stupid cat in that house across the street.'

Hmm....maybe I'll just throw a load of laundry in the washer, pull out the vacuum and give the house a once over while I rethink my choices. Crack open one of those wine boxes I picked up for Ladies Night.

Procrastination always trumps indecision.

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  1. Sounds like what goes on over here at this house..


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