Thursday, June 20, 2013

Let The Mini Sewing Marathon Begin

Other than Happy Hour with the neighborhood ladies on Friday night at my house, and babysitting the Grandpup,

my dance card for this weekend is totally empty. It's going to be too hot to work in the garden, so that means too hot for housework as well, so what better than to set up camp in the studio with a pitcher of iced tea, crank up the ceiling fan, and work on some of these various projects I've got going on. Who knows, maybe I'll actually finish something. Wouldn't that be swell!

Last weekend in Annapolis was the local quilt shop's annual sale where they mark a bunch of fabric 40% off. Sadly, this sale started on Friday and we didn't get there until Saturday, but I still managed to find a few things.

I think these oranges might work well in a somewhat modern quilt with a lot of white. Or even together in a tote.
I was channeling my inner Geisha, so when I saw this I felt it necessary to just buy all that was left on the bolt. Yep, that would be shiny metallic gold accent going on there. It was as if I were a crow, swooping in to snatch everything shiny that crossed my path on Saturday.
This was my mission....fabric for my workshop at MAQ with Merry May...the Mariner's Compass block.
And yes, while the camera doesn't do it justice, that is metallic, shiny gold in those FQs.
And since they had a special buy 12/get one free, how could I resist dipping into the turquoise pond?
See that one on the left? That one took my breath away like no fabric before it has ever done.  It's a William Morris design with a somewhat Oriental feel. The vibrant blues and purples. The gold outlines. The strawberries. The birds. Sigh. It's lush, and rich, and once I got it home I realized that I had to have more of it, because this was a fat quarter that I would likely never be able to cut into. So I ordered 5 yards of it's scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.

I've justified its purchase by telling myself that this is THE fabric that I will use to back the William Morris indigo applique quilt that is on my list of quilts I'd like to make one of these days. Until then, it will be very happy to be nestled up against my Timeless Treasures Peacock collection in the studio closet, where I may revel in it's beauty every day.
This is one of those fabrics that I'm going to have to put a note on:
"If I should die before I quilt this, please do not sell this fabric at a yard sale for a buck" I wonder if there's an iPhone app for a Quilter's Will?
Have a lovely Thursday!

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  1. LOL I loved this post! That fabric is drop dead gorgeous~ will you be able to cut into it when it arrives? I just adore the hint of gold in fabrics too and you chose some real beauties! It is going to be fun watching you slice into them. ;-) Have a happy weekend!


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