Monday, August 1, 2011

Progress On Drunkard's Path

Alrighty then! Today we made some progress on our next project..."Drunkard's Path with a Twist" or as I like to refer to it "The Twisted Drives Me To Drink" project. 

I got all my pies and crusts cut (and I did not use the Accuquilt, as neither of the dies made were the right size). I thought it would take forever and be a pain, but it was really pretty easy, fast, and with the small rotary cutter, painless and accurate.

A couple of distractions. Late afternoon my neighbor came over to show me her fabulous t-shirt quilt, and the bottle of blood orange juice she found. Of course she also brought over a bottle of tonic that she just happened to have open, so we spent an hour or so sipping blood orange vodka tonics.

After she left I went back to snipping the tear-away (ha ha ha) stabilizer from the back of the stitched blocks until it was time to leave for dinner at my daughter's. I was able to continue snipping on the ride over and while waiting for dinner.

Once I had counted to make sure I had the right  number of everything (I had to count 3 times....must have been those vodka tonics), I started sewing. Two down, 62 to go. Woo hoo!

Tomorrow night is the first night back for the season for the quilt guild. The hubs has been reminded that he needs to bring a handtruck home and take the ride over to haul in 8 boxes of books that I'd estimate weigh about 100 lbs apiece. I hope to get a few more blocks pieced together tomorrow.

Got some wedding issues to attend to this week, and it is going to be a busy week at work. Sewing goal is to finish piecing these blocks. Overall goal is to survive the week and actually accomplish anything. :)

Leaving you with a couple more photos from Quilt Odyssey. Enjoy!


  1. Did you do the room quilt? Is that a pattern?

  2. Those quilts are amazing, specially the one of the chair by the fire.

    I hope you get the wedding things sorted out, get work back under control and get some sewing time too.

  3. Your drunkards' path will be done in no time the way you are going. Enjoyed the pictures.

  4. 2 down...LOL!! Looks like it's going to be another very cool quilt! Thanks for the quilt pics, and I need a neighbor like yours!


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