Sunday, August 28, 2011

iPhone Blogging

Remind me again... What country do I live in?

Fast heading into Day 2 with no electricity. I do so love Pepco. How their management hasn't been indicted on some Federal racketeering charge, received Anthrax in their payment envelopes, had their headquarters set on fire, their tighty whities packed full of concrete and thrown into the Potomac never fails to amaze me.

In the meantime we're delivering laundry baskets full of frozen food and good cheese to our friend's spare appliances, (thank you Anna, and thank you for having 3 refrigerators) filling coolers with ice so we've got ice and cold milk for meals of cold cereal and sitting in parking lots outside of Chinese carryouts with the engine running so we can charge our cell phones.

At no time has Pepco told us when to expect to get our power back. In fact the army of temps they trucked in from Boise to answer the life threatening emergency line ("Do you have a life threatening emergency?" "no, but I'm pretty sure you will if my power isn't turned back on soon"), have been downright rude but nonetheless quite fun to screw got me back good today telling me that they just found a bunch of fuses that blew and were replacing them one at a time...honest to God, he actually said that! ( and I am ashamed to say that I actually believed that for about 10 minutes after I hung up).

I'm a bit calmer now that the meat stash is safe. I can drive 30 minutes and take a hot shower. Eating McDonalds morning noon and night isn't that bad and there's some badass cassette tapes in the basement we can play on the boom box I found buried under a pile of Spandex leggings and off the shoulder oversize tshirts.

As long as I don't burn the house down with the 47 candles we need to read by at night, we're all good!

In addition to playing FUtility (lots of double entendres there, don't you think?) with the electric company all day I did finish a wedding project.


  1. I tried to call you both home and cell.

    You should have called. You can stay here if you still have no power Monday.


  2. Sounds like you're really enjoying your conversations with the power company!!!!

    The tree looks great though and I hope you get your power back soon.

  3. Love the tree! I am sure Pepco will get around to your fuse as soon as possible. Happy quilting.

  4. Good luck with the electricity.

  5. This post is funny!! Well, funny for me because I wasn't sitting in your shoes without power. Makes me an extremely cranky woman. So cranky the hubs invested in a generator. Sorry your power was out for so long. Did you get to use that mountain of ice that you purchased? Love checking up on you!


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