Sunday, August 28, 2011

Riders On the Storm

Just hanging out in the non-event that is Hurricane Irene. You can actually hear the wind a little bit now, and it's raining, though not a deluge. This is the most hurricane-like it's been all day.

Yum....favors from the shower, the tux was a Red Velvet cake ball.

My SILs and niece totally skipped out on my daughter's bridal shower today. The one used the hurricane as an excuse--she didn't want to have to drive home in a hurricane. (The shower was over at 4:30 and it was simply raining, with no wind.) If you watched the news....and it was impossible not to as it was all hurricane, all the time on every channel since early Friday morning, you knew we weren't getting anything serious until 10pm. The other SIL and 17 year old niece just didn't excuse, no call. They live less than 10 minutes from where the shower was. Whatever.

I vented on Facebook about that, enjoyed the comments from friends, and just now went in and deleted what I posted earlier in a state of rage.

I didn't delete my Facebook post because I wasn't angry anymore...oh, far from it...I am so pissed that I get cross-eyed just thinking about it. And I didn't delete it under the guise of 'never go to bed mad'----trust me, I am going to lie in my bed and let the remaining steam seep from my ears.  I deleted the post because I didn't want my father-in-law, who is recovering from heart surgery to see the post and feel bad for his granddaughter. He's got more important things to concentrate on rather than his rude daughter and  daughter in law and their lack of family values.

Alright, I really deleted the post because in my wrath I used the 'F' word. While I probably use that word a dozen times a day (okay, I use that word at least 2 dozen times a day.....okay, so I sometimes use that word so many times in a conversation that it would make Scarface blush), I just decided that it had no place on my Facebook page for all to see. :)

Alright already, enough about my f-ing pathetic sisters in law and their lack of consideration for my daughter. Selfish middle-aged bitches. (Oooh, she's pulling out the big guns....'middle aged'...SNAP!). One less quilt I have to make for Christmas.

Moving on....

I started the Halloween top last Sunday....spent the day cutting all the pieces and fussycuts, and I finished piecing it by Thursday night.

Then I spent an inordinate amount of time last night trying to piece together a back a couple inches larger all around than the top. Stupid me only bought 2 yards of backing material.. I have no idea what I was thinking, but I did wind up with some extra motifs on a panel, and some extra border print. I had to use the 2 yards in a directional that wasn't exactly the direction I had in mind, but I had no other fabric that I could incorporate into this back, and I was in a rush to get it pieced last night, so should the power go out in the non-hurricane, I'd have everything ready to sandwich. Got to bed at 4 a.m. I was still a little short and wound up piecing some 1" wide strips from that border together to add to the bottom.

This morning, after doing every piece of laundry I could find, and vacuuming the house top to bottom, I fired up the iron and fused the Heat n Bond to the fall batiks and then the cardstock to be used for the Wish Tree at the wedding. If the  power goes out, the Accuquilt GO! still works.

(Okay, bite my tongue, but we're having a bit of flickerage going on with the lights right now.

Tomorrow is play day now. I'm so enamored with this Halloween quilt that I've allowed it to butt into the front of the line. This is the project most likely for Sunday. If I can get it sandwiched, I'll probably start quilting it before I sandwich the rest of the pile.

There's 64 pounds of ice in the freezer downstairs. Here's hoping we can use them for luge practice tomorrow.



  1. Honestly, families. I'm sorry about the absentees - that's just inexcusable, especially the one's who didn't even contact you. No wonder you were steaming.

    I hope Irene has passed you by now and everyone's OK.

    I love your Halloween quilt, it looks great fun. Oh sorry, no, it doesn't look fun, it looks scarey!

  2. Some people just don't get how important both family and other people's feelings are, very selfish and rude.
    Glad Irene is not as bad as expected, my niece flew home from NY on Friday and was pleased to be ahead of the storm. Take care.

  3. Looks like the absentees missed a great party - Red Velvet cake for a favor - Yummy!

    The Halloween quilt is "frightening"!!! Perfect. Love it.

  4. I absolutely love this quilt!!! So sorry all that you are going thru with the 'relatives'. This is why we have 'close friends', right?? I wish that I had just a portion of your energy - you wouldn't even miss it!!!


  5. Oh...I am sorry that your SIL's were no shows...
    Love your favors.

    Glad that we all came through Irene unscathed. Love your quilt.

  6. The cake pops are just too cute! So sorry to hear about the family no-shows. Though everyone might have had a better time without them there as they don't seem to think of others.

  7. I am so sorry about your SIL and niece! That is just so sad and unexcusable! Those favors look wonderful! I hope your daughter had a fantastic shower! Congratulations!

    I do love your Halloween quilt! The back is special...I love pieced backs!

  8. Holy shit, I fucking love that Halloween quilt!

    :) just didnt want you hanging out there alone. I'm sorry about the girls being that way but I hope it was a fun shower none-the-less.

    My friends in NY are having more hurricane problems (flooding) than my folks in Hampton, VA had but then Williamsburg had some big wind issues so I guess it's just hit or kiss. Still, the news was overkill.

  9. It was a fun shower their loss! . . .You shouldn't be upset, more goodies for the rest of us. Jen looked beautiful and you looked fantastic. You should gussy up more often.


  10. Glad you weren't hurt by the storm and hope your daughter's shower was still wonderful for her and you.

  11. Well...that is just sucky!! I'm thinking that the only perfect families exist on TV, you know the show's from the 50's? Love the quilt...keep your chin up kiddo, it might get worse before it gets better you still have the wedding to face.


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