Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fear the Turtle? Bwa ha ha!!! (Another OPAM Finish)

Three Heather Bailey Turtle Pincushions...check!!!!  Let's not discuss how long it took to complete them. I appreciated all of the comments of those who attempted and failed before me. You challenged me. It's all about the stuffing,and I tell 'ya, next time I see one, I'm going to get myself a 'stuffing fork'. In the meantime, I made do with a Purple Thang (which I came close to destroying), the end of a paintbrush, a pencil (eraser end....except in a couple instances I used the pointed lead end), the tips of my scissors, and finally, a chopstick.

Little Foot That Purple Thang- 

Done...moving on to something new tomorrow. But since we're on a roll for finishing what we've started, maybe we'll start on the "What Was I Thinking/What Was I Drinking Drunkard's Path.  As for the rest of tonight, I'm crawling into bed with some quilt mags. A girl can only abide so many 3 a.m. bedtimes in a month, and I've certainly endured them for most of this month. Tonight we sleep!

Leaving you with a couple more quilts from Quilt Odyssey 2011.

If this looks familiar to you, it's because you might have seen it in the quilt mags you subscribe to. This was a winner at Road to California this past winter.

Check back tomorrow and see if I manage to not stray from the path of productivity. (Ahh, what's that saying about a road paved with good intentions?)

Good night all!

(edited to add photo of 'That Purple Thang'...which is a tool that every sewer should have within reach of their machine)


  1. I LOVE your turtles. They really look to have attitude somehow.

  2. LOVE the turtles!! They turned out so cute!! Get some good rest, it will keep you going!!

  3. Just love your turtles....adorable.

    Thanks for more inspiring pictures!

  4. WOW! What great turtles. Now I want one, I hate making stuffed thingies, I want a turtle, I don't like making stuffed porojects. I'm in luck, I don't have the pattern - I'll have to live without - hmmm wonder where I can get the pattern.

  5. So, I'm caught up again....and I still LOVE those little turtles!!

    Have a GREAT weekend...till next time!


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