Friday, August 12, 2011

She's Alive!!

I've been busy, busy, busy. The sore throat I've had for over a week turned out to be Strep, so I was forced to skip Happy  Hour with the ladies last Friday. Sitting idly in front of the sewing machine, wishing I was swilling back wine and hors d'oeuvres with the ladies, I decided that the studio needed a bit of refreshing, so in between an 8 hour tour of Hobby Lobby/Michaels/JoAnn in Columbia with DD on Saturday (we were on a wedding centerpieces mission),  I did a little tear-down...

I pulled things out of drawers...

The piles of junk fast overtook the sewing desk...

And so much 'stuff' was pulled from the closet that I just began heaping it on the floor.

Two and a half days (I moved really slow) later, we were somewhat back to normal in the studio.

The pièce de résistance ..... the studio closet ...

And just in case the Quilt Fairy sneaks in one night...


I've labeled the 'task shelves' in the closet so there's no question about what needs to be done.

In pulling all my solid whites and naturals out of the cutting table cubbies for a refold, I sorted out the smaller pieces,  pulled the batting scraps I'd been saving and made a mess of quilt sandwiches for free-motion practice.

The weekend before my daughter picked up some more storage boxes for me on a trip to Ikea, so I was able to reorder the closet shelf.

I love my P Touch label maker. Each box and plastic bin has been tagged for what's inside.

These little bins are from Dollar tree and make great containers for my CDs and DVDs.

Those strip dies for the Accuquilt GO! were just not being stored effectively in the die rack...they took up an excessive area of flat space, so I pulled out the P Touch and labeled them on their ends and stacked them against the closet wall.

And now the die rack takes up half the space since it's got smaller dies in it.

I was forever fishing out hoops from behind the cubes in the closet as they would fall off of the pushpins in the closet wall, so I raided my bedroom closet for the perfect storage solution....

Yep, it's one of those belt rings. Now the lot of hoops just hang on the closet rod where I can grab the size I need.

Cleaning out the solids from the cutting table gave me some room to move in some other project fabrics. I try to keep an entire project of fabric in each cubby, or if I'm still collecting, a theme of fabric per cubby...i.e., dots, Fall, Halloween. I can get about 10 yards of fabric in each's all about the fold. :)

Cleared off the cutting table. It's all business now, except for the waving good luck kitty--which reminds me, I should go check last night's Powerball ticket... not a winner :-(

I picked up another small ruler holder in Hershey to maximize how many rulers/templates I can store on top of the table. I've got 12 on the longboard and 7 on the short (are you diggin' the 'surfer speak'? )

All that's left now is to reorganize the bookshelves.

DD also got some magazine files for me at Ikea so those pretty scrapbook paper-covered ones need a go-through to make room for incoming. I'll move what's not current to the shelves in the guestroom next door. This is a project for Friday night, and then I've got the rest of the weekend to spend some quality time bonding with my Bernina over the Drunkard's Path project.

 In class last Sunday, Mimi Dietrich mentioned a wine called 'Running with Scissors',

 so I'll be on a quest to hunt that down tomorrow on my lunch hour. I want the cork (and check out the seal to the left of it).

Today was our 39th anniversary, and since last week's Gladiolas had seen better days, the hubs stopped at Costco on his way home and picked up a lovely mixed bouquet for the sewing desk. There is always something in bloom in my studio, and a Yankee Candle tart in the electric tart warmer. Ripping out a seam isn't so bad a task when you can 'stop and smell the roses' every now and then'.


  1. Your sewing room looks wonderful - I'd love to know how big it is?

    Sorry about the throat, I hope you're fully recovered now?

  2. I am drooling over your studio.....oh my gosh......

  3. Your sewing room reorg looks fantastic! I love seeing others sewing spaces, I always get ideas. I need to find a way to store fabric out in the open like you do - it's SO pretty!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Your flowers are lovely and sitting in a very pretty studio. Enjoy your day!

  5. FABULOUS!!! You have quite the set up now! Very organized and clean looking! Glad you are feeling much better!

  6. looks great ! the need to organize is overpowering sometimes, ya just gotta get things in order so you can move on.
    Now that you are finished with your space....what is your hourly rate? I could use some help.


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