Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Little Wedding Planning....Drunkard's Path Is On the Wall

The Design Wall is a very patient tool.

The invitations arrived at 7:30 p.m. Monday (a new record for UPS). The hubs, DD, a couple bridesmaids and I  assembled, stamped, and stuffed. Tuesday, I stood in the lobby of the Post Office and affixed numerous stamps to each and turned them over for mailing. Guests started receiving them today. One tick off the Wedding Checklist. Next pies/cake/caramel apple favors.

The dining room looks like a hurricane passed's currently the staging area for Wedding Centerpieces. I'm working on a lit 'Wish Tree' at the moment. Figuring out the best way to adhere Batik fabric to card stock that will be run through the Accquilt GO! and die cut into leaf shapes to hang on the tree after a guest writes a little wedding wish on it. Great excuse to go to the fabric store yesterday ... needed fall colored Batiks. Any glue recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Been piecing curved Drunkard's pieces for a couple of days now.

I'm really liking the decorative stitching and couching I did on each pie.

And as of last night...the last block was pieced. Tonight they all got a quick press and I woke up the Design Wall.

This is the initial layout. It'll stay there for a bit while I decide if it's what I'm going to actually use. Probably tomorrow I'll start moving things around to try something different.

Not sure I'm seeing enough flow with the connecting stitched pies.

And already I'm wondering just how the heck they're going to stay aligned like that once I start sewing them together (shudder!)

Have a perfect Thursday. Think about joining the Friday Night Sew-In (see the link on my sidebar). I'm tussling with the demons on that...on the one hand, I would really like to be sewing this together so I can move on to a cute little pumpkin quilt (or the  Halloween quilt, whose fabric is arriving tomorrow)...

On the other hand, my neighbor has called Ladies Friday Happy Night....and I did miss the last one because I had Strep......

Decisions, decisions...

I did say I had a most patient Design Wall, didn't I?


  1. Woww, your quilt is just stunning.

    I'd never heard of a wish-tree before, but what a lovely idea.

  2. WOW!!!that drunkard's path is amazing!!

  3. I love the drunkards path and I'm so glad you are trying the embroidery "circles" before I am. I wonder about alignment, too. Hooray for the wedding accomplishment. As for glue, maybe a spray adhesive but give it a full day to dry so no gumming of the dye. Otherwise, how about steam a seam or double sided interfacing (if they make such a thing)?

  4. Beautiful drunkard's patch. I am loving the decorative stitching and couching.

  5. Have you done the leaves yet? I have always used the Heat and Bond with die cuts either with fabric or paper. The H & B helps get a cleaner cut and keeps the fabric from fraying while handling it. I've had a Sizzix for YEARS and made several kid projects with fabric and H & B with much success......


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