Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's Looking Like Spring Is Gonna Be Sprungin' Soon

Because Phil is clearly not going to see his shadow today (and if he does, it's going to be caused by the lights accompanying all those TV Reporter cams, cuz the last I heard, Punxatawny will be having a bit of 'precipitation' tomorrow.).

So, who won the  Monet's Countryside fabric in the January Follower Appreciation Giveaway?

There were 92 comments on posts in January, and good old Random No. Generator coughed up No. 69.
The 69th comment was made by Barb back on my Epiphany post:

Maybe with your eyes shut you will come to one? "(and by the way, I'm still waiting on that Indigo epiphany to slap me upside the head)

Congrats Barb! Send me your email off list and I'll pop it in an envelope and you'll have it the next day.

We'll have another giveaway in Febraury (who knows, it might be something from exotic, warm Florida). I love your comments, and appreciate that you take the time to make them, so keep 'em coming.

Nothing quilty to show for today. I directed my idle time in the direction of the Christmas tree that was still up in the bedroom (first tree up, last tree down),  and of course, there had to be cleaning accompanying it's removal, and a girl only has so much free time these days.

Gotta get to bed...tomorrow's my late night....the Verizon iPhone is up for grabs at 3:00 if you're trying to phone and my line is busy, you'll know who I'm talking to.

Wherever you are, stay safe, stay warm (or cool). And if you've got the time, inspire me and tell me what you're working on this month. I need a nudge (okay, a shove) to get me back on track with my unfinished projects from January.


  1. Oh Thank God I am not the only one with my tree still up! The decorations are off and neatly away but.....I just can't make myself take down the tree!! It is heavy and cumbersome.....blah blah. I'd rather sew! So far I made a pillow case, a Valentine's Day apron with a tutorial and did a pattern test for Vibrant design's Heidi Bag. Now I have a dress and a table runner cut out. Hope you find some inspiration and don't get buried in the snow!

  2. Thankssssssssssssssssss so much!! I am so excitec.


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