Saturday, February 5, 2011

Unbelievable.....Believe It!

Finished Checkerboard Hearts and it's still Saturday!  Woo hoo!!!!!

Not sure you can see it, but there's more than 5 hours quilting on this. Half walking foot, half freemotion. And there's another 3 hours on the binding (which isn't all that great, but it is my first scallop edge...note to self...get a book or find a video for further training.

So wrapped up was I in finishing this (and scoring an OPAM finish for February early in the month), we never did make it to Fire in Ice. The sacrifices we make for our art.

Well, tomorrow the plan is to catch up with quilt labels, which shouldn't take too long, and then I must pack for Florida. Unfortunately it's gonna be cool, but I can beats the heck out of this:

There is nothing worse than filthy snow. If it would just fall, look pretty for a day and then melt while it still looked good, I could deal with it. It's when it hangs around for weeks and just keeps getting blacker and blacker, and harder and harder so it looks like piles of dirt in the Nevada desert that I become antsy for a house on the beach...which is where I'll be Tuesday....with my iPhone {mischevious grin]. I'll post photos.


  1. Fantastic finish. Enjoy the sun later this week.


  2. Just stopped by to tell you that I got the fabric, it is just wonderful, thanks sooooo much!!

  3. The hearts quilt turned out very nice. The scalloped border looks great. I probably wouldn't tackle it since it looks difficult.
    Have a great trip in warmer weather than what you have at home. Yeah, I hate dirty snow too and I hate the flooding when it melts.

  4. love your heart quilt... it turned out awesome.

  5. Happy Valentines day and thank you for sharing at my blog!

    Please be sure to visit my new "Learning Center" at


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