Monday, February 21, 2011

Where's my gun, ma? I'm goin' huntin' for groundhog!

Damn you, Punxatawny Phil! What cruel twist of fate you orchestrated last week when the temps rose to 70, allowing me to don flip flops and break a sweat washing the Santa Fe in the driveway Friday afternoon....the ugly piles of black, dirty snow finally melted from sight. turning ugly this evening as the sleet and snow begins. The horror!!!!!  First the sleet, coating the roads with a sheet of ice, quickly hidden by a coat of snow...enough to wreak havoc on the roads tonight. And overnight you will dump 4-6 inches more of sleet and snow on top of that, just in time for the morning commute. Oh joy!  And while I normally would be teleworking tomorrow, I traded my Tuesday for last Friday, so I'll be hyperventilating my way out of our hilly neighborhood and into the office.'s supposed to be 50 again on Thursday. Here's hoping that tonight and tomorrow are winter's last hurrah!

On Saturday I took my second class in heirloom machine quilting...Sharon Schamber-style. It's an all-day class and it's amazing how little you actually get done even though you've been stitching for hours.

Those little grids that are filled in with circles are half inch squares.

On Sunday, rather than continue to work on Saturday's class project, I pulled out the project from last month (same type of class), and finished quilting it. 

Technically, I guess what I've completed is a whole cloth quilt...granted, it's going to bind up 18" square...
There's a center medallion, which is a basket of flowers and I've divided what's left around the basket into 8 wedges, each with a different free-motion design. That wavy grid is my favorite of all the designs I did.

If you've got any 18" quilts you need quilted..I am your woman. And no, this does not mean I'm going to start making miniature quilts.

One more class--Dancing With Your Machine--and I'm done with the series. (and will need to have my eyes examined...note to self...add 2.5 'readers' to Costco shopping list this week....the 2.0's just don't cut it with the beige on beige stippling).


  1. I am so envious of your what you have learned and completed.

  2. Very lovely. The quilt is well worth the time. Happy quilting.

  3. Your little quilt is great. I missed out on the class because of my crazy vacation schedule.
    Oh and isn't it great that we only got 2 inches of snow? big ole false alarm

  4. Very beautiful quilting. It sounds like a great class. Hopefully you're getting the last of old man winter's snows. There's a rumor of snow accumulation (up to 6" in the hills over 500 ft) here too (actually is snowing now but not sticking - still too warm for allot of white stuff) if we get the artic blast forcasted. As long as the powerstays on I'm OK with it.

  5. You got the gun?? I'll buy the bullets!! I am over the snow!! Getting 6-12" inches today here in New Hampshire!!

    Your quilting is looking fabulous!!


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