Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hello From Sunny F-L-A

Still here. So far I've been able to handle sewing withdrawal--though not without consequence. There was a trip to a quilt show in Titusville, and shopping at 4 quilt shops, a Christmas shop and one of my favorite boutique shops. I've baked a German chocolate cake from scratch, had my hair straightened, nails gelled and frown lines filled.

However, I have yet to figure out how to do anything with photos on my SIL's Mac, so   if I were to upload any, they'd be wonky upside down photos of some fabric I bought to make something for my daughter...

Or sideways photos of the beach I really need to get out and walk on this morning, as I marvel at how absolutely, precisely straight the horizon line always appears.  What is it Cap'n Jack Sparrow says?

Enjoy your Sunday. I'll definitely be enjoying mine. If you're sewing today, take a stitch or two for me. I'll pick up a shell or two for you.

Oh yeah.....

"Now bring me that horizon."


  1. Love the wonky upside down photo of the beautiful fabric. Your daughter will be very happy!

  2. I just love love love those fabrics!!

  3. I love the colors of those fabrics...I want some too


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