Thursday, February 10, 2011

Does It Ever Really Get Cold in Florida?

I'm convinced that cold is a state of mind. I'm listening to the local weather tell me it's in the 40s this morning, yet here I am, on the deck watching the sunrise over the ocean at 7 a.m. feeling no, in summer jammies. (I am SO glad I left the cords at home).

No photos tonight because I am incredibly lazy, and I'm on vacation, so it's justifiable laziness. Sorry, maybe tomorrow.

We headed out this morning on a mission to Cocoa Beach...Cocoa Village to be precise. First we stopped at the quilt store that had 8000 bolts of fabric (I kid you not...though I did not personally count them). Oceanica fabric for a bag and another set of fabrics for a future quilt were my scores here.

I decided to head back to the beach and hit the third shop of this trip, a local Melbourne shop, where I bought the perfect fabrics to make something for my daughter. I was killing time here, having an enjoyable conversation with the shopkeep until  I received a call advising me that I had a 3 p.m. keratin hair smoothing/straightening.

3 hours later I left the salon with stick straight, smooth hair that cannot be washed for 3 days. Thank goodness the hubs is leaving tomororw, so he only has to sleep with me reeking of keratin for one night.  In the meantime, my hair looks like it hasn't been washed for a couple of week, and it's most definitely not going to get any better between now and Sunday, when I can finally wash it. I've been advised that this is well worth it, so we shall see.

Tomorrow is mani/pedi day, a few needles to the face, ending with some charity event at the local museum. (Too bad about the unwashed, stick straight hair...oh's not like I have to live here and will see anyone again. :) )

In the meantime, my stick straight hair is in my can't tuck it behind your ears or use any clips/barettes/rubber bands. This is only day one, so I had better get used to it. I had my wrists slapped tonight for tucking it behind my ears, so from here on out, it's play totally by the rules.

I had better get to bed. That is, in itself, an event not to be missed.  I think this house is probably referred to in real estate jargon as 'king size'. The bathroom vanities are quite possibly higher than kitchen counters, requiring one to have excellent  aim when brushing one's teeth (and a kitchen chair pulled up to the vanity if you have a kid shorter than the vanity.

The bed?....well, I wish someone had a movie camera. The hubs has left me with the side that is 8" out from the wall. A bit of a squeeze for my ample ass. But this also offers me absolutely no leverage for swinging a let up and over the bed (which seems to also be counter height), where I can then throw myself up into said bed, hoping to have a good foothold so I don't fall back  into the 8" space between the bed and the wall, where I would remain until someone found me in the morning.

In a pefect world (which will begin tomorrow, when the hubs heads to Winter Haven for softball), I'd have a running start and be able to gracefully swing one leg up and onto the bed, whereby my body would folllow. But for one more night, we're going to have to do with the ungracious 'heave ho' and hope I can get enough body mass upon the mattress in the single shot I have--otherwise, I'm sleeping on the floor tonight!

Check my Facebook posts to see if I'm awake for sunrise tomorrow. At this point, I wouldn't bet the farm, but who knows.

Stay warm, and feel free to daydream yourself to somewhere warm.


  1. What an amusing post...enjoyed it and can't wait for you to wash your hair....

  2. Yes, it does get cold in Florida!

    What's the name of the quilt shop with 8000 bolts. I might need to take a bit of a road trip.

  3. Three days no hair wash and I would be ready for the crazy farm. Glad it is you not me. Happy vacation.


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