Monday, January 31, 2011

If It's the Last Day of the Month, Then I Must Have an OPAM Finish (and other good things)

Tah da!

Okay, so it looks a lot like my Fall Letty's Bag, but it is a Valentine's batik, and it's got little heart and orange/ black and red....totally different bag. I should probably find a new bag pattern.

But most importantly, it's an official OPAM (One Project A Month ...see sidebar) finish for January. Granted, it's not one of the projects I started 3 weeks ago and haven't finished, but a finish is a finish.

While the dog is still broke...though he's soldiering through  (could be he's just getting old, like the rest of us, and feeling a tad arthritic...we'll keep an eye on him, thanks to my sister, I'm washing my third load of clothes tonight. She phoned in the brilliant suggestion to unplug the washer and start over. That did the trick. No more F20 error 10 minutes into a load. I'll have to phone the repair people first thing in the morning to cancel the call. You're the woman, Sandy!

The ice storm cometh. The Federal government told their employees this afternoon that they could telework tomorrow or take unscheduled leave, and they have a 2-hour delay. I telework on Tuesday anyway, and it's been determined that if you telework, you don't get a 2-hour delay, or an early dismissal, since you haven't left your house to begin with. Oh well, that was fun while it lasted.

Speaking of fun, now that the pressure is off to finish for January, I'm going to sign off here and get started quilting the Checkerboard Hearts table quilt.

You followers still have time to get another comment in for another entry for the yard of Monet's Countryside. Good luck. I'll check back tomorrow morning and pick a winner.

If you're in the path of the winter storms, stay safe. If you're in the Southern Hemisphere, try to stay cool (and think about trading places with me). Wherever you sure to start off the new month doing something you love.


  1. Love your the fabric...oooo la la!!

  2. I love that finish, very cute for this Feb.

    I hear ya about no delays, I don't even get days off when the office closes b/c my clients are worldwide. The pitfall that goes with the benefits of working at home. :)

    I keep waiting for a spell of good weather so you, Barb and I can meet up. At this rate, I'm thinking we may not see each other until/unless we meet go to the quilt show in Hampton.

  3. Love the bag! especially the huge grommets!

  4. That is a great bag. Love the fabrics and button.


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