Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Peoples' Choice Awards, Top Chef All Stars. Peoples' Choice Awards, Top Chef All Stars...

And Selena Gomez is all teary-eyed as one of her bandmates (who looks like he must be the son of Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong) hands her an award. Is this girl what, 14? 15? Switch to Top go Angelo!!!

Today was our first fabric impulse purchase of 2011. I know, it's late (the 5th), but I didn't get out much this weekend. But this one was well worth waiting for, and it's a minor one, and yes, it is definitely going to become much larger.

What do you think?
I have officially jumped on the Color of 2011...Grey. This is from Moda's French General La Petite Ecole line. 1 yd, three half yards, two charm packs, and on my way to to add more. This was all my local quilt shop carried. I had stopped in on the way home from work to see what they had that might work for the Fiesta BOM (see left sidebar), and on my way out, I saw the display for this. What reeled me in was touching the fabric. You know how they talk about the 'hand' of the fabric? Well, let me tell you, this one has been well cared for, and slathered in Crabtree and Evelyn's finest. To stroke it, is like stroking silk. What am I going to do with this? Absolutely no clue, but like my actual French fabrics and South African Indigos, it is a fabric that spoke to me (buy me, stroke me, adore me, leave me in a prominent place in the studio where you can gaze upon me daily....). I'm a sucker for Moda--especially French General.

Clearly neither I, nor the hubs collective work pool won Mega Millions yesterday. We're over it. Congrats to the two winners in Idaho and go!!! Speaking of winners, you too can be a winner in my monthly Fan Appreciation giveaway. All you've got to do is be a follower and comment, and comment often. Every comment made is an entry for a prize. This month's prize will be announced shortly.

Last night I figured out half of a heart from the lame instruction Checkerboard Hearts quilt. I think it's going to work out. We shall see.

(O-M-G! She didn't use Thangles!!!!!)

The new slippers (in the right size) arrived today. They're Acorns. Gotta love the hubs, he gives great slipper. I'll give the Uggs a rest for a while as I break these in. These are wool felt, hand (?) embroidered mules, very comfy.

New year-round addition to the studio. I've had this endearing little fairy for a few years now. She was displaced from her usual spot this year so I brought her up to the studio, handed her a vintage spool of thread that perfectly matches and planted her on the bookshelf where she can watch over all things quilty.

That is when she's not fiddling with her 'do.

Back to work on the hearts. In the meantime, our little fairy needs an appropriate name. Any ideas? Scissor bling if I choose your suggestion.


  1. Good for you! I knew you'd figure out that heart block. I'm really loving these Designer BOM (like Layer Cake Quilt Along from Moose on the Front Porch Blog) because you can get a sampling of several different designer's styles. Some of these blocks I make I think: No way am I ever going to buy one of their patterns. Seriously, I need Quilting for Dummies. Wait, I already have that book.

    Anyway, what about Iridessa? Because she's kinda irridescent (sp?) and you can shorten it while you talk to her. Which I know you will. "Who wrote this stupid pattern, Dessa?!" See?Rolls right off your tongue ;)

  2. I love your slippers. I think she's a Penelope. Just is.

  3. Yes, love your fabric choice....and hearts.

    Those shoes are amazing.

  4. She is an Enchantra. Love your fabric choices.

  5. I love your slippers... and I was wondering if when you get the heart pattern figured out are you going to share it with us? I love the reds used in this way.

  6. She has to be Fairy Pistachio - and imagine how you can abbreviate that when something goes wrong!
    Love the slippers :)

  7. What great lookin' slippers.

    Keep going on the heart quilt, post what you've done, no copywrites - correct? Then we can all make one sans pattern.

    Who can that fairy be? Is she a Esmeralda? The Enchanter of all things quilty.


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