Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hair of the Dog

Now there's a novel concept....too bad I don't know which dog to clip.

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Obviously, last night was Happy Night with the neighbors, and while we had a good time, sadly, it was far from Happy Morning today. (Groan!!)  Maybe you've been come downstairs, head throbbing, expecting to see a sink full of dishes, a counter full of bottles, expecting to have to fight your way to the cabinet with the aspirin. But the counter is clean, the dishwasher has been loaded and run, and all the food has been put away. Sweet! Did I do that? Did one of my friends do that? Did the hubs do that when he got home (which was pretty late, because the last of the Happy Nighters left well after 1:00 a.m.)?

So when the hubs, who was out playing poker and still wasn't home when I went to bed, comes downstairs, as I'm trying to navigate a coffee cup to my mouth, I'm I thank him for cleaning up, and if he didn't, he's going to wonder what planet I'd been visiting last night....or do I not thank him and then he's thinking I'm ungrateful if he did clean it up. Okay.....go with thanking him.

Eaaaahhhh (buzzer noise). Wrong choice....he didn't clean it up, so it must have been Ann and me (I do remember Ann putting food away, and I kind of remember putting stuff in the dishwasher...except dishwasher soap isn't part of that memory (too late now!).

So today has been a very slow day, with little to no progress on anything. I did go out and pick up my new glasses and I was going to pop into Costco to pick up a pack of super strong readers, because they're right next to Hour Eyes, but that was an exercise in futility. One day I am going to learn that you do not go anywhere near our Costco on a weekend....especially on a Saturday around 4 p.m. I pulled into the parking lot and it seriously took me 10 minutes to drive in one end and out the other, in a straight line. You know right away when there's 3 cars in each aisle waiting for people to load their cars that you do not want anything to do with parking, let alone checking out inside.

Undaunted, and still nursing a dull headache, I pointed the Santa Fe in the direction of Michaels and headed there to use their all day 20% off everything coupon. Nothing like a little craft store overload to make you forget the Hangover from Hell. And even better when you've got a 20% off everything including sale stuff coupon, and a gift card from your boss.

So it was really fun to buy these great, pretty large, colorful storage boxes. Utilitarian, yet decorative additions to the studio. And just in time, as the Moda Petit Ecole shipment arrives next week.  Top box. Middle box for the Kaffe in the closet. I think that bottom box should work out for Fiesta storage...speaking of Fiesta......tomorrow we cut.

I've signed up for a really cool class next Saturday, it's the first in a series of 3 Sharon Schamber-style machine quilting classes. I am so jazzed to be taking these classes. It's all day Saturday and I hope to learn to 'Dance With My Machine' (that's the third class in the series). In light of that, I think I should spend the rest of the evening cleaning the Checkerboard Hearts off my machine table. I'm starting to feel like I've rejoined the land of the 10 p.m.....may as well make the best of it!


  1. Glad that you have joined the land of the living....and had a good day at Michaels...

  2. Hee hee! Every once in a just gotta have a little fun! Love the boxes...wish we had a Michael's!

  3. Sounds like you had a good evening then. Your shopping haul was pretty good too. Hope you completely back in the world of the living today?

  4. A day to recover from the Friday night party and still 2 days to quilt and sew. Yea for the 3 day weekend!


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