Monday, January 17, 2011

Once Again...Procrastination Wins

It's after 9 and I've not cut fab one for Fiesta. I shall take my little rocking chair, in the corner of the bedroom, turn it to the wall, and spend 15 minutes in a self-imposed time out as soon as I'm done with this post.......not!

I left the house this morning with my daughter to knock out a couple of merchandising projects and then headed up to Frederick to get my entry in for one of the new Bernina's or a Janome at my Bernina dealer's Grand Reopening event. Of course, while there I HAD to buy fabric.

Just a little stack of oriental fabrics with metallic accents. Zoom in on that photo....the second one from the bottom was the catalyst for this impulse purchase that I plan to turn into:

this table runner/wall hanging from the Simple Quilts and Table Runners II book.

And then I neatly tucked them away in one of my neat new boxes with the magnetic flap lids.

My mobile quilt shop (UPS) also paid a visit and left a little surprise while I was out
Yep, we filled in the Petite Ecole collection we started last week.

 Packed it up all neat and tidy
I'm beginning to think these boxes are genius for not cluing the hubs in to just how much fabric is being squirreled away. Out of sight, out of mind. Though I really need to remember what is in these boxes.

That left one big, sad box all empty

So in went all the Kaffe fabric I'm saving up for the perfect quilt....yardage, jelly roll, fat quarters, halfsies.

I'm hoping that I am able to empty these boxes shortly...okay, well, AFTER I use the indigo.....and the Day of the Dead fabrics.....and the dog quilt......and the Gee's Bend.....Dear Jane...Smith Street Designs....1930s.....oh my.....I see I am a hairs breadth from S.S.O.C.-dom (Stash Spiraling Outta Control).

Well, I've located a box to house Fiesta...

Darn, not exactly long enough for the bolt, but it'll be big enough for those 18-1/2" blocks, and it's a recycled box, which is also good, and it just seems to be a perfect depository for a quilt named Fiesta:

And to think that for a minute there I was going to be all OCD and cover it over with something.

Well, it's time to end this post, check out a few of yours and see if I can manage to sandwich the Checkerboard Hearts before I go to bed. Either that, or I can give some thought to making a Valentine purse

Leapin' many things can I find to do to avoid starting Fiesta/finishing Checkerboard Hearts?


  1. What an amazing collection of fabrics! And those boxes are perfect!!


  2. I love this post! It sounds like me today. I spent most of my "free sewing day" laying on the couch saying "there's nothing good to watch on Hulu" and "I'm bored. Nothing wants to be sewn." I even cleaned up my room a little bit. Yuck! I love the boxes too. I'm starting to think that's a fabulous idea. Keep all your project fabrics in one place, instead of spread out everywhere. That Uncle Julio box cracks me up! I love the Oriental fabric you got too!

  3. I am having seven waves of rapture just looking at that Japanese fabric, can't wait to see the finished runner, it'll be gorgeous.

  4. Your fabrics are just wonderful....I was wondering if there was an end to all that certainly gave my eyes alot of happiness this morning.

  5. the boxes are fabulous!!! And what a wonderful fabric day you the "mobil quilt shop", too funny!! always a pleasure to read your blog!

  6. Yummy fabrics, nice storage boxes, after looking at yur studio and then looking around in my sewing studio, I need to get organized again. I sew better with a little organization.

  7. Your runner is going to be GORGEOUS!! Yum!!


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