Monday, January 3, 2011

A Big Ol' Bolt of....

10 yards of black Kona cotton. Now what do you suppose I'm gonna do with that? Well, I'll tell ya....glance on over to the left hand sidebar and feast your eyes on that fabulous black and bright applique quilt. Fiesta is designed by Sindy Rodenmayer over at This is a BOM that started this month. Hop on over there and take a look, maybe you'd like to take on this project along with me. I'll be blogging The Making of Fiesta throughout the year. This one is going on our bed. Even if that means I have to paint the walls. That's how much I love this one.

Another quick project in the works is this cute little scallop-edge heart quilt. I've got everything I need in that little bundle, so I'll be making a good move on this one tomorrow (still on vacation--woo hoo!)

After a bit of ripping out of excess couching, I'm over the woven wallhanging piece. Here's a closeup of the trapunto heart, which I couched with a glittery cord. For now it was recorded as the 28th quilt I've made and it's been named 'Unyielding Love'. (get it?) Though I'm not sure I'm feeling the love anymore. I'm thinking about asking Suz Zwizzle to sign the label.

Though I may not be feeling the love,  as you can see, Rick and Paco were clearly feeling the love this afternoon.

Have a great first week of the year. If you're off to work this morning, chin up, you can sew after dinner. Whenever you get to it...enjoy!

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  1. That quilt is going to be TOO gorgeous for words! I'm not ready for applique yet ... I hope someday I get there! :)


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