Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who Loves Gingerbread (and Red Velvet Cupcakes)

What's that taking up half of your huge coffee table, Suz?
Oh look, it's the Kindle Cottage. (Was the hubs nuts in agreeing that the coffee table would be a good place to display this growing collection? Will he live to regret it? Where will we play Trivial Pursuit?  Are the Happy Nighters now relegated to the kitchen counter? Will we be vacuuming glittery snow up every day? Stay tuned.....)
Frenchy and Icing still at work decorating the roof. You think they'd have finished that by now.

You guys sure you don't need any gumdrops?

Oh look!!! It's a new addition....Sprinkle thinks the deer will give her a ride if she gives him a cookie. Careful you don't poke your eye out on that rack, Sprinkle (or maybe the deer should be watching out for Sprinkle's rack, heh heh).

Hey, where did that gingerbread eating snowman come from? (maybe the nursery's open house tonght?)

A new baker Santa adding peppermint trims? Get out!!! And where is Mrs. Baker Santa? (Actually, she's in my sister's shopping bag and will be joining her better half come Christmas...'act surprised', she said :) )

Obviously a very good haul at the open house tonight. You gotta love a garden center that invites you in, hires a harpist, plies you with wine, cheese, chocolate, cookies, discounts and door prizes, demos how to make fabulous table arrangements, and brings in a Factory Rep from Beyers Choice who has every gingerbread house and accessory they make on a huge display. How can you not leave with something or three somethings.

It's probably a good thing this year's house was sold out, or we'd have to rig up some kind of couch pocket thing for remotes and drinks, as the coffee table would be maxed out (as likely would be the hubs).

Now....for why you came here tonight....the winner of the red velvet cupcake pincushion is......
(we started numbering the comments on yesterday's posts sequential to the ones from the first of 22 comments, so generated a number between 1 and 22)....drum roll....Commenter 5..PJ/aka Pam. Congratulations Pam! If  you can send me your address by Friday at lunch, I can run it to the post office then.

Don't despair if you didn't win. You'll have another chance to win in the December Follower Appreciation Giveaway. This month, I'm giving you a chance for every post you comment on -- bonus chances to win. Sounds like a plan. Keep in touch.

Now, go do some holiday decorating! (And watch a sappy Hallmark holiday movie while doing so...we can all stand to clear out those tear ducts from time to time)


  1. Oh, sooooo gorgeous! I checked out Byer's Choice website - I HAVE to have some of those little Bakerkin fellas - alas, they don't appear to ship to Australia. How annoying, seeing I was in PA last year and could have got some. Oh well, another good reason to visit the US again. Cheers Anita (Melbourne OZ)

  2. I love it! What? You're thinking. Well I love the little scene on your table and I love the way you talked about it when giving us the tour. Good job you've got a big coffee table.

  3. So sweet . . . what fun to add to. You're gonna need a bigger coffee table.


  4. I enjoyed seeing your Byers people decorating the gingerbread house.

  5. I decorate vicariously through you ... just love, love, love the coffee table tableau!

  6. Loved the trip through your gingerbread garden. I have never seen these little people. Shall have to check them out. Thanks for the little tour.

  7. My favorite part of the house....Sprinkle bribing the deer for a ride :) It's wonderful!


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