Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Has Anyone Seen My Beret?

I went for a haircut today and not thinking, I said take two inches off. And then I must have mumbled something about how my hair was all curly today because I woke up late Monday and didn't have the time for the blow dryer or the flat iron.

I guess Nam (as in Viet) was as distracted as I because when I looked up from playing on my Blackberry, I noticed that she had trimmed off quite a bit more than I expected and had finger curled lots of little Mary Tyler Moore curls into my sleek, shiny hair (which will only stay sleek and shiny until I wash it myself, and then it will go back to it's general Betty White strawlike texture without any hint of shine).

'Your hair's curly' was all the hubs had to say, a couple of hours after I arrived home.

Hopefully I'll have made some definitive progress on the Holiday Grids and Grommets bag by tomorrow night. It would be nice to have a new bag to go with the new 'do, don't you think?

Have a Wild Wednesday. Stay warm!!!!!


  1. DHs are soooo observant aren't they? At least he actually noticed a difference. Just what is it they do at the hairdresser that we can't do at home - I'm with you on the straw v. sleek thing!

  2. I love how "creative" hairstylists get with our hair!! Mine never looks like it does after my stylist does it, maybe the water at home is different cause she sends me home with all the same product! Good luck with your bag.

  3. I think it's cute. I keep telling my stylist to just have fun but so far, she hasn't dared. My only problem would be it's too short for the cold winter. I like hair on the back of my neck in the cooler months. :)

  4. If I had hair that color I don't think I'd care if it was sleek and shiny or curly or what! LOL! Gray just doesn't "do" shiny. (and I'm too old now to go back to the color of my youth). It's ok. My grands wouldn't know me! LOL!
    And YES, absolutely, a new look demands a new bag! :)
    Betty (

  5. I've always said...the difference between a good haircut and a bad one is only 6 weeks! lol!!

    Looks good, honest!


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