Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is it Christmas Yet?

Long time, no blog....a minor (cue maniacal laughter here) distraction has kept me out of the studio and out of the blog world for a bit. I'm taking a quick break and tossing back a couple of diet cokes in hopes of making it long enough to finish decorating a tree before bed.

Some of you might have seen my Facebook posting a few days ago that I had finally come to terms with the red and white tree and it's box of ornaments in the living room. Having walked past it for two solid weeks, I felt really good about my decision to not put it up and return it to the basement with the rest of the stuff I didn't put up (trust me...there's enough deco up for a few houses already). The weight lifted, I could concentrate on some of the other stuff I needed to see to, or, as the case was, lounge in front of the TV for evenings, doing what I do best....furthering my toehold in my personal little Kingdom of Procrastination.

Last night as I came home from work, the hubs was making dinner, and he says 'I've had some time to think about something I said to you, and I want to retract my statement that I'm alright with not putting a tree in the foyer this year. I MISS the tree in the foyer'. What's a girl to do? He has never asked for a tree (or for 15 trees for that matter). So, after narrowing his choices to 2 trees, he selected the red and white tree (I may have pushed him a bit in that direction...thinking of all the flock that has to be cleaned up from the other tree).  I set it up last night, added some lights and ribbon to it so far, and the plan is to get the sucker decorated and finished tonight...what time is it? 11:35 PM you say? No probs.

So this new task required something else to happen...
(Yes, that is cotton candy coming out of the chimey....FOOD OF THE GODS, I kid you not
This is my first gingerbread house mad without child supervision. I didn't do too bad on my own, I don't think. I did eat more strange candy in one sitting. Seriously, how can you not eat the candy decorations when there are a million different treats set out in front of  you for the 4 hours you're decorating. Yum! And fortunately, it didn't come back to bite me at all, though I wouldn't recommend eating too many gumdroppy things in one sitting...actually, I wouldn't recommend eating any of them.

I've got just a couple of things to wrap, and tomorrow you will find me in the studio located in the Kingdom of Procrastination, where I will be making a Christmas gift. I've never made one of these before, so I'm hoping it's something I can knock out in 6-8 hours. It had better be or else this person is going to be getting something from the grocery store, which is one of the few stores open Saturday. Take a guess at what I'm making and I'll give you an extra entry in this month's Follower Appreciation Giveaway. Remember, you're getting an entry for every post you make anyway, so if you mention a guess in your comment, you'll get two entries for it.

I've to put some ornaments on this darn tree in the foyer, but before I go, I want to leave you with one more photo. This is a Christmas present for the grandpup. I figure he's not likely to read my blog so it's safe to show you what he's getting from us.

OMG! These are just so stinkin' cute. Little Ugg-like boots for the dog, just like his Mommy has. They may be a tad large we shall see...this is what happens when you have Daddy measure little paws (sorry Chris!). Rick does not like to walk in the snow or wet. I can imagine just how well it's going to go wrestling hiim into these every time he needs to go outside. Wait....not MY problem. :)

I'll be back tomorow to whine about how I leave everything until the last minute. Take care, stay warm, and if you go to the mall, don't forget to take along a large supply of patience.

Good night!

P.S. When I got home tonight there were Christmas lights outside the house and in one of the trees. I thought I had pulled into the wrong driveway. The hubs' First Christmas Lights. God, I can only hope he caught some kind of decorating fever and that  rears it's head again next December.


  1. ahhh another procrastinator, missed your blog entries this past week or so. Hoping to see pictures of all the great decorating you do. Clueless as to what you are making - - - maybe a small clutch or some other kind of zippered bag.

    Merry Christmas to all

  2. love the boots... how about a picture of your doggy wearing them....


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