Friday, December 3, 2010

A Little More Christmas

I'll be sewing this weekend, so not  to worry, we'll be back to that soon enough. The workshop Sunday is weaving fabric. Should be fun. I think I've got some great fabrics (I'll give you a peek tomorrow). I must make my holiday purse. I keep waiting for Clinton and Stacey to ambush me on the street...the fat chick in the Christmas sweater carrying an orange and black batik bag. The horror! (Though I sure would love a $5,000 Visa card and a trip to NYC to shop it. ;-) )

This is what I've been working on for the last 4 hours:

Ladies and gentlemen...I bring you the Radko tree.
Every ornament is Christopher Radko (except the little silver filler stars which are from Walmart....hey, did you just hear Chris have a cow in his Manhattan townhouse?) I've got just about 80 Radkos, and yes, I catalog them. I haven't got this year's new one yet, I'll have to trip over to eBay when I'm done here and take care of that.

What I really like about this tree is that once all the ornaments are one, and I've poked in about a hundred sticks of silver ting ting, I get to 'blizzard' the thing. Blizzarding is when you take handfuls of snow and throw it at the tree to give it that flocked/freshly snowed upon effect. You should try it sometime. It is way more fun than tinsel and looks way better. But I'd recommend that you don't do this unless you own a vacuum. It's a bitch to clean up.

Remember I mentioned the birthday gift I made that I couldn't show you until it had arrived?

Well, it made it, intact....thank you UPS....well worth the $18 you charged me to ship it.  I took a floral topiary form I had and inserted 77 suckers into it and sent it to my husband's father for his 77th birthday. I think it looks a lot more fun than an edible arrangement, don't you?

Okay, I'm off to eBay a Radko. Tomorrow I'll show you the Beach tree and some fabric.....I need a fabric fix, don't you?

Have a great Friday. I think I'm going to drag the hubs out to chop (saw) down a Christmas tree this weekend. I think a little photo documentation might be in order. Let's just hope it's not sleeting, and he's not trying to drag around a 150 pound tree like last year. That was almost enough to turn us off fresh trees forever.


  1. I think the birthday present you made is so clever. Now I'm off to google Radko as I've never heard of it/him/them.

  2. LOVE the 77 Sucks present! It's a really creative piece. Gorgeous tree too! Can you come put mine up?

  3. The suckers are so cool .. unfortunately, I don't have any family left who's older than me to copy that idea. I better stick to getting my decorating fix/fabric fix until I get back home for more of my own!

  4. I love the lollypop tree.. unfortunately, with both my husband and myself being diabetic that wouldnt work for us unless it was sugar-free candy. But I am thinking it would be a really neat centerpiece for a quilting guild christmas luncheon using christmas candy so definitely want to keep the idea in my mind for next year.

  5. Love the lollipop tree :) And let me just say,...the captain Jack Santa?...thought it was a closeup of a real person!! How fun!!


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