Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dillards Update

I have removed the Dillards rant post because today, Dillards has changed their 'get over it' tune from yesterday and are doing their utmost to prove they can offer stellar customer service. We've had a couple phone calls and if all goes well, I might have my items next week (more on that when they actually arrive). Today, they have been sincerely concerned with showing they do care about their customers.

To be clear, they did not ask the post to be they would even read my blog...duh! But they are aware of an online complaint I filed and sent them a link to, which I will also update.)  I'd also like you to know that I did not remove the post based on any comments made. My sole reason for removing this post is the fact that Dillards is now trying to make things right.

They have acknowledged that they have a problem with their order fulfillment, that needs to be looked into, which is the sole point I've been trying to make with them since Monday. They've gathered information about my order and my sister's order and willl be hoping their IT department can determine what happened so that it doesn't happen to someone again.

Regarding a comment made, I am glad my sister got her order (she received it today). And she never should have NOT got her order, nor was she LUCKY to get it. The items were in stock when our orders, and orders after ours were placed. My point with Dillards is that we come to rely on certain things...first come, first served....if what you're doing to assure that isn't working, it needs to be addressed, and today, they are doing that.

I appreciate the effort that Dillards put forth today on my behalf. They have been nothing but nice, and I have been appreciative and pleasant back at them. They have done an excellent job today showing me that they do value their customers, and I am thankful for that.

Now, I've got to throw together another batch of pear margaritas, get dinner on the table, and I'll be back later with fabric related post and another reminder about the giveaway, and a Twitter Party tomorrow night.

Stay tuned!.


  1. It sounds like the right person received your feedback and realized just how important it is. Hopefully, they'll communicate the importance of customer service to the other associates who failed to understand. I'm glad it's in the process of getting resolved.

  2. Sounds like I missed an interesting read, lol!! Well, it sounds as if the problem is sooon to be resolved, good for you. If they were all solved so easily....

  3. Ahh... This is very good news. I hope that you will receive your order, but more than that you are now happier with Dillards efforts to correct their mistakes of the past and improve their IT system for future orders. So many CSR just don't care, have no power to fix anything, and only take complaints. I'm glad that someone is doing something.

  4. Great :) maybe they do have a quilting employee after all !! Happy New Year to you Susan.

  5. Hurrah. I am so glad to read this and that the company are trying to learn from their mistakes. Well done you.

  6. glad that you are able to get things resolved... blogging about problems where everybody can read about does make a difference. Cant wait for the giveaway pin cushion... would really like to win it. Hope the weather in Gaithersburg is nice and sunny.


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