Thursday, December 9, 2010


I've been in the studio, chipping away at the Christmas Grids and Grommets purse tote.

Okay, so I should have made the smaller one, but I just thought it would be too small. I'm consoling myself by thinking it's Jessica Simpson bag size...a good thing to have when Christmas shopping.

This pinecone batik is going to be perfect for the inside pockets...speaking of inside pockets. It's a good idea to use a piece of fusible fleece inside of them so they keep their shape and don't sag. I've found that very few patterns recommend this.

So, I'm more or less bored with this project for the night so I call the dogs for a last trip outside. Paco enthusiastically and obediently heeds the call. Bailey, who is the one who really needs to go out (he's been taking a steroid) seems to not want to leave the nice warm bed he's sleeping in.

Boy, was I out in left field. Bailey is already downstairs....apparently he's found something way better than sleeping in a nice warm bed....
He has managed to reach into my Letty's Bag fall purse, bypass the Prada makeup bag, the leather checkbook, the pack of gum, and pull out my most favorite Fossil wallet.
 And he has proceeded to chew it to shreds.

And the cash and credit cards that happened to get in his way.

I suppose it's a good thing I got downstairs when I did, or I'd be replacing credit cards, driver's license, quilt shop punch cards, and other sundry items all day tomorrow.

What was this dog thinking?? How many days are there until Christmas? Apparently he's not expecting much in his stocking this year.

I am so pissed. I loved that wallet. I left the wallet on the counter with a note for the hubs...."Bailey needs you to take him Christmas shopping".

Speaking of shopping, here's a tip...
If you're lucky enough to still have a Hancock Fabrics near you, scoot on over and pick up a couple of these...
These are 10 yard mini-bolts of Pellon Wonder Under. Now I just bought some of this stuff for the weaving workshop; and it goes for $2.29-$2.99 a yard, depending on where you shop. This bolt is a Hancock special item for $7.99. Eighty cents a yard. Heck, pick up 3 or 4.

And while you're at it, stop by and pick up a 10 year old Beagle to go along with that.

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Oh Bailey! I would be more angry about the makeup bag but then, I can appreciate the anger just period.

    Maybe, with that steroid, he wasn't thinking, he was just being hormonal and felt "strong"? You know, "heh, I'm powerful, I can do anything!" ;)

  2. and that is why I'll stick with my kitten thank you very much. :) not that she can't do damage .. but I can confine her in one (relatively) small area.
    I don't have a Hancocks anywhere near me ... wonder if I could find that deal on line?

  3. Bad Dog, Bad Dog. Enough said to the dog.

    A good excuse to buy fabric and make your own fabric wallet/bag. Think Vera . . . think of all those fabulous fabrics calling out to you.

    Never mind give old chewed wallet to hubby for a gift get4her.

    Pam K


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