Friday, December 31, 2010

Join Me for the New Year Twitter Party

Stitchin' Heaven's New Year Twitter Party begins 11:00 p.m. EST and will run until 1:30 a.m. If you aren't going out, or you're back early, drop in for some fun with fellow quilty folk.

I've got a Guild meeting monday and just remembered we'll be doing show and tell from the weaving workshop I took earlier this month. Holy Wonder Under, Batman! I never finished the first piece I was working on, let alone straightened out the second. Looks like a project for Suz Zwizzle - Art Quilter. To the rescue!

And rescue it be seriously needing:

Note those lovely little incorrectly Wonder-Undered strips flapping in the breeze. Guess that's the first order of business....lose those.

So here's the overall 'Before' photo:

Let's see if Suz can turn this woven wonder into something presentable....I was going to say before the clock strikes 12, but I do have lobster tails to broil, a steak to grill, and a Caesar Salad to make, along with a bottle of champagne with my name on it, calling from the kitchen, as I'm sure the hubs will be doing as well.

Feeling festive this NYE in my new red sweater and the necklace my daughter gave me for Christmas

And don't forget ... last chance to enter the Follower Appreciation Pincushion Giveaway. You've got 5 more hours to post comments. After I do a little quilt shop hopping tomorrow I'll be drawing a random comment from all those made by followers  since announcing this contest and the winner will be receiving this yummy little beaded cupcake pincushion made by Yours Truly.

Hope to see you at the Twitter Party. Be safe, and enjoy the celebrations.


  1. I love this pincushion and am commenting again... sure would love to win it...would put it on a shelf that my dad made about 60 years ago and I got it. I am also thinking about buying a book on making pincushions. Shall look for that at the quilt shows I go to. Have a great New Years Day.

  2. Susan:

    I love the necklace that your daughter gave you! Would she be willing to tell where she got it? Thanks!

  3. Hey Susan! Great blog! Thanks so much for the Party shout out! The party was a blast!! Thank you soooo much for being a part of the fun!! XOXO - Niki from Stitchin' Heaven


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