Saturday, October 16, 2010

Winners! We Have Winners!

 Heck with finding a hat, let's just dump them out on the counter and mix 'em up real good. Careful of my wineglass, Kathy
Look at how Kathy is enjoying the power of selecting the winner of Curtain #2...the  make-it-yourself, Earth friendly grocery sack.
Ooops...not exactly the greatest lighting to show you who won,
But here it is....Jennifer guessed wrong on Curtain #1, so her name went into the draw for Curtain #2. Congratulations Jennifer. Sorry it wasn't a cupcake pincushion, but stick around and you may get lucky on an upcoming Follower Appreciation giveaway ;-).

Amy, our sweet little lawyer (she works for the Public Defender's office) got out her red pen and tagged the winning tickets for added validation. (You go Amy!)  I bet I'm the only Fall Into Fall Quilting Blogger who had an attorney present during winner selection.
 Speaking of Amy, here she is mixing them up for the Grand Prize drawing.
Come on girl, show us the diamond bling. Working as a Public Defender must be a good gig, eh? Oh wait...your clients don't pay you, do they?

Just keep on mixing them up, I need to refill my wine glass.

 Hmm....that's a little piece of paper you know what that means, right?
It means that the Grand Prize winner of Curtain #1 won on their extra entry that they received for being a follower.

 Congratulations Lisa!
And here is Amy's validation on the back of that slip...notice how her handwriting has deteriorated significantly since signing off on the first draw. (Merlot will do that to you.)

Now Johnny, tell Lisa what it is she won behind Curtain #1.

Certainly Suz....Lisa, you've won a.....

ooey gooey, 48,000 calorie, sweet, frosting laden, chocolate almond cake ???

Kidding!!!! (phew!) No, Lisa has won

The lovely Dunroven House Halloween Tea Towel. Luxurious 100% cotton, this towel is embellished with a lovely Halloween panel print from the Witching Hour line, by RJR Fabrics, which is also fine 100% cotton.

But that's not all....also included are two beautiful 100% cotton fat quarters. One, a festive Jack O'Lantern print, the other a sophisticated modern take on falling leaves ('fall into fall'...get it?)\

And wait...last, but certainly not least, included in this fabulous prize package is a coveted scissor bling. Scissor bling....when you want the world to know those scissors belong to you!

Estimated retail value of this prize package: 48 thousand dollars. All applicable taxes are the responsibility of the winner. Prize is not transferable. No prize substitutions. (Amy made me say that :-).)

Seriously, congratulations winners, I'll be sending each of you an email to get your contact info shortly. (The hubs is waiting for me so we can go out to lunch) Thanks for playing everyone, I hope you enjoyed my mystery giveaway

Finally, let's have a big round of applause for Debi for coming up with the Fall Into Fall Quilting Bloggers Giveaway (applause sign


  1. Congrats to the winners.

    I loved this post and when I got to the bit about the taxes etc I laughed out loud. Thanks for the fun.

  2. Thank you Susan!!! This was so much fun! I sent you an email with my address.

    Lisa...grand prize winner :0)

  3. Thanks Susan I had fun participating in the blog hop I have sent you my info. Jennifer


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