Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's Been a Crazy Week

Tonight's quilty refreshment: Blue Moon Ale

The inlaws arrived Friday, so most of the week was spent cleaning and moving furniture (don't ask!). No time for sewing, let alone blogging. Busy, busy, busy. Friday night I entertained friends and family who wanted to see the inlaws while they were in town (that's 'I', as in me, myself and I, as in the hubs played softball while I cooked, served, bartended and bussed tables and counters), Saturday nigiht we all went to the BILs for dinner. This morning we drove almost to Pennsylvania to check out a candy store called Candyland...yes, it was worth it. Never have I seen so much candy I used to love when I was a kid in one place...Turkish Taffy, licorice whips, Clark bars, BB Bats..... It was a great place for picking up stocking stuffers. The inlaws are here until Tuesday, so one more busy day tomorrow--the hubs and I took vacation days from work. Possibly a trip to Baltimore for a museum or two and lunch at G&M Crabcakes.

Yesterday I also attended a Floriani workshop at one of my many LQS's. Let's just say that if I had embroidered on my Bernina, I'd have likely come home with $1349 in digitiing software, like at least 15 out of the 30 women in my presentation did. It was quite tempting. Seriously though, how could you possibly not buy software that you will never pay for updates on...they'll always be free? At least now I know that when I do start embroidering and I'm ready to head on to the next step (digitizing my own designs), I'll be buying the Floriani software as opposed to anything else.

I did buy a very cool scissor set (suitable for a serial killer or a surgeon), and some stabilizer I just learned about and didn't have yet. Hoping to try out this whole embroidery thing in the next few weeks.

Today I got some quilting underway

7 windmiill blocks quilted, 8 to go, then a night of walking foot should head us into binding and a Fall quilt we will have while it's still actually Fall...woo hoo!

Shout out to Jennifer, my runner up winner last weekend, for lettng me know she received her prize. I appreciate the notification. Thanks Jennifer!

Wishing everyone a lovely week with lots of sewing. Stay well (she says with scratchy throat, as she listens to her father in law coughing like crazy in the guest room). And if you haven't gotten your flu shot yet, go get it!

17 days and counting until I'm headed to Florida for a little beachy R&R. 


  1. What a great scissors set....glad you are back to quilting.

  2. Sounds like you've been busy. The scissors are great.

  3. You cooked, served, bartended, and bussed .... sounds just like our house! Glad you found time to sew. Love the colors on the fall quilt.

  4. Susan, you have been busy and certainly deserve the cool & tasty beer. Good for you! Cheers!

    I'd have loved to have joined you at the Floriani workshop. What fun.

    I do have that expense Bernina ME SW (6.0) and while I love it, I also highly recommend Embird for ~$100. Actually wish I had started digitizing with Embird. Amazing value. But let me know if you ever want anything done in my ME SW and I'll gladly assist to the level my skills will allow (not an expert).



I appreciate and look forward to your comments. Thanks for reading. Happy quilting!