Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Into Fall -- Are We Having Fun Yet?

I see we've got some great guesses on my Fall Into Fall Mystery Giveaway so far. Hmm....are any of them right? Could be :).

It's entirely possible that there are multiple goodies behind Curtain #1 (wink). If you've mentioned one in your guess, your entry counts.

As a reminder, you are given one entry in the drawing for the mystery prize if you are a follower, regardless of whether or not you guessed correctly. Followers guessing correctly receive 2 entries in the mystery prize drawing. Followers guessing incorrectly receive 1 entry into the mystery prize drawing and 1 entry in the consolation prize drawing.

Seriously, can it get much easier?

Probably....stay tuned.

Today we are combining our love of baking and our love of sewing (mmmmm). Check back later to see the fruits of our labors (pun intended).

Enjoy the games if you're a football person, and if not....join me and the grandpup (his mommy is in San Francisco crewing on the Susan G. Komen walk) in some mindless On-Demand viewing (Jerseylicious, Real Housewives, Four Weddings.....) while we feed our creative souls...okay, while I feed my creative soul and the grandpup snoozes.

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