Monday, October 4, 2010

So how do you really feel, Susan?

Honestly? I blew off the neighborhood ladies Happy Hour/Night this past Friday (oh-m-g.....she is SERIOUSLY ill--call for an ambulance). I haven't felt like sewing for a week, at least. I pull out the pincushion patterns/fabric, and I just sort of never make it past that point. Tonight I missed the monthly quilt guild meeting for the third month in a row. I haven't actually cooked a meal for at least a week (unless you count throwing a frozen Wanchai Ferry meal into a wok for 10 minutes Saturday night as a 'home cooked meal').

It's been raining, it's gotten really chilly, really quick, and I've had some kind of ear/nose/throat crud (in addition to the neck thing) for a week now. It's sapped my energy...and it doesn't help that I'm still staying up until 1:30 a.m. just pissing around--not even sewing.And the occasional dirty martini certainly can't be good. Bad, bad, bad girl.

Today I went to the doctor and got a Z-pack (antibiotic). Hopefully I'll be back to normal by the upcoming 3-day weekend.

Yesterday, Paco

smelled like

oranges, and you know to the Internet to investigate phantom orange smells....'Roger smelled oranges all day Friday, even though there were none around for miles...on Saturday he suffered a massive stroke and dropped dead in the checkout line of the grocery store'.

While I didn't mention this to the doctor (remember the neck pain/throat cancer thing and she told me to STAY OFF THE INTERNET! :), I did mention this to the hubs...because I knew he wouldn't roll his eyes and tell me STAY OFF THE INTERNET!. He did have some advice... 'Sounds like you should stay out of the grocery store today'. He's a big help. Ha ha.

Well, my intent was to tell you about our visit to Jinny Beyer's Studio on Saturday and show you some of my great buys from the Sewing Expo, but I really should take the doctor's advice and snuggle into bed with my Oprah's Book Club book..which I am thoroughly enjoying.

But since I'm a tease, I'll leave you with a little something...

Unless you've got a GO!, this won't excite you. It's a die rack, and I needed this.

I don't think this needs any explanation. We all need Kaffe Fassett 


  1. I hope the antibiotics do the trick - perhaps they take away the smell of oranges too?

  2. Gentle hugs coming your way, you need to take it very easy. Hoping the drugs work soon :)

  3. I hope you feel better soon! Don't feel bad about not getting anything done. It sounds like what you need to do is to curl up with that book in bed and get some rest.

  4. Feel better soon and I'd say stay off the internet but frankly, I'd miss you. :)

  5. Yes, feel better soon. Stay off the internet. . . and all that. Little Sis.
    When you are better put pictures up of the fab Jenny Beyer fabric you bought.



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