Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!!!

While I have been working away dilligently on the Fall quilt (it is using a TON of thread), I'll not finish for an October OPAM, so once again, I remain finishless two months in a row, so sad :(

But, I have been working, and I'm only here for a minute before I need to skedaddle. I need to look up the opening times for about 4 stores I've got to run errands to so I can hurry home to carve a pumpkin with my 5 year old neice, who, before being put to bed last night, informs her father that she is supposed to be coming to Aunt Susan's to carve pumpkins. BIL will be stopping to buy a pumpkin (and his Halloween candy for tonight...he has now been promoted to co-chair in my Procrastination Club).

And while we're discussing club members, my lovely daughter (who is P Club's Secretary/Treasurer) drops by last night on her way out to celebrate Halloween and needs a little help with her boyfriend's costume. Apparently, hot glue will not stick to leather. So, out goes the quilting needle, in with the leather needle (a couple actually, since I'm trying to sew through sweatshirt that has been hot glued to leather).

They did have some cute costumes, even if said boyfriends' dark brown hair was dyed red rather than the bleach blond they thought they were going to get from the box of Clairol. I think it's cute and told him he could now go out today as Opie Taylor or Richie Cunningham (he was not amused). Not to worry, he said he's shaving his head today before he has to go go ack to work on Monday. (shudder!)

Here they are

Yes, she is a contestant from 'Legends of the Hidden Temple', and around her wrist is the whatever of life. Team Blue Barracuda. She actually painted felt, drew on the fish and glued them to a t-shirt. The bike helmet is from when she was little, thankfully her head didn't grow. There were also kneepads and elbow pads, but they weren't on in this photo. The leggings were necessitated by the fact that they were going bar hopping and it's pretty darn cold out (I was forced to finally turn the heat on today).

And Chris is a character from Sons of Anarchy. Jenifer bought a white sweatshirt and used Sharpies to draw the logo and do the lettering (Friday night, at 10 pm mind you). As you can see, Jenifer seems to have inherited some of mom's creative gene, though I'm not sure I'd have taken on that logo.

Well, I really need to get dressed and hit the road if I'm going to be here for pumpkin carving.

Happy lots of candy....there are no calories on anything left over from Trick or Treat. Enjoy!


  1. Your daughter is really talented with drawing! She did an amazing job on his jacket.

  2. Your daughter has an amazing talent.

    As for calories, did you know they don't count if you don't look at the chocolate?


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