Saturday, October 9, 2010

Paco's Revenge

Thursday morning I gave the boys their chewies, and proceeded to fix myself a quick breakfast that included bacon. Baily took his usual post at my feet, hoping for some leftover bacon, while I ate. Paco, strangely, did not board the bacon begging train. I soon found out why.

Breakfast over, I headed to the office. Bailey soon appeared with a pathetic questioning look on his sad puppy face and laid down next to my desk. In trots Paco, the larger, thicker chewy that I had given to Bailey in his mouth. He proceeds to walk circles around Bailey, who continues to give me the sad puppy eyes.

I walk the house, and Paco's thin little chewy is nowhere to be found. Either the dog is the Houdini of hiding things, or he's eaten the small chewy already.. something he's never done before (probably because Bailey has always taken it away from him).

Paco goes to the living room, jumps up on the couch, chewy buried beneath him. Bailey sighs. "Sorry bud, paybacks are hell". He settles in figuring I'll leave soon and he'll get it back, after kicking Paco's chihuahua butt.

No less than 45 minutes later, Paco joins us in the office, sans chewy. Bailey runs to the living room and returns chewy-less. Feeling sorry for him (finally), I put my work aside, remove all the couch cushions, pillows, look under the couch, while Bailey is doing his hound sniff around the area. Nada to be found...anywhere.

Nothing to be found, except for a bloated, sleepy, apparently very clever chihuahua.

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