Saturday, October 9, 2010

Look...she sews!

Remember the Mexican Star? Finally feeling back to myself (due in large part to the fact that it's a 3 day weekend), I rolled out of bed and into the studio this morning (of course I did have a cup of coffee first). By 11:00 I had finished piecing the Mexican Star top.

All that was left were to set the curves and topstitch them. So I took a bit of a break (a couple hours) to do a little Kaffe Fassett shopping at -- great sale, ends tomorrow, additional 20% off, I suggest you hightail it over there as soon as you finish reading my post.

There are a million (acutally 60) of these nifty little folded triangles in the quilt top. What you do is bow them in to create a curve and top stitch it to hold the arc.

Three pins to hold each curve, that's 180 very thin, very sharp quilt pins to poke myself with while I sewed each one. I was starting to feel like a human pincushion by the time this was done.

This is the fruit of the afternoon's labors, ready to be sandwiched and quilted. To note the difference, look at the cross bars of blue. In the photo at the top of this blog entry, they're surrounded by light squares. In the finished version they look like kites. It's pretty neat up close because with the top stitching, they stick up a bit, so the quilt has dimension. Once it's finished you might be able to see that.

For now I think I'll drag the pinning table down to the family room and spend the rest of the evening prepping the three finished tops for quilting tomorrow. Good thing I own about a bazillion safety pins (smile).

Enjoy your Saturday night!


  1. That is lovely! you must be so patient to sew all the little curves in like that! I am still a straight line girl, even after 32 years! Guess i will have to learn to stretch a little!!

  2. Your quilt is just stunning, I love it.

  3. Well worth all those pin pricks, the curves are excellent and the whole Mexican Star piece is really beautiful....would make a lovely giveaway <<< vbg >>>

  4. The curves sure do make a impact. Not sure that I would want that much extra work. What will be the size of the finished quilt? And do you plan on carring the curves to the edge of the quilt with scallops or waves?

  5. It's so beautiful...I have this pattern...I must get it out and make it!

  6. Wow...............looks awesome!!


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